Suicide Averted on Crystal Lake’s Uteg Street at Hampton Court Apartments

Almost next to Aldi’s are located the Hampton Apartments on Uteg Street.

A press release has come from the Crystal Lake Police Department concerning the morning activity on Uteg Street.  It follows:

On October 31, 2012, at 9:01 a.m., the Crystal Lake Police were contacted by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center concerning a troubled individual, who was believed to be calling from within the Crystal Lake City limits.

It was also reported that the caller was armed with a handgun and contemplating suicide.

Working in conjunction with DeKalb County Sheriff’s Dispatch, Crystal Lake Police were able to determine that the subject was visiting the home of a friend in the 200 block of Uteg Street, in Crystal Lake.

Due to the seriousness of this incident, the Crystal Lake Police Department’s Emergency Services Team was activated.  A 10-man response team began to assemble at the corner of Union and 2nd Court.

Uniformed officers secured a perimeter surrounding the neighborhood to prevent anyone from entering the area.

Once the area was contained, Crystal Lake Police Negotiators made contact with the individual by cellular telephone.

The subject surrendered himself to Police without incident and he was subsequently transported to Woodstock Hospital for an evaluation.

His initial report of being armed was determined to be false.

No injuries were sustained to anyone involved in this incident.

The subject’s identity is not being released due to HIPPA Privacy Rules, which protect the privacy of individuals and any identifiable health issues or information.

A source tells McHenry County Blog that the Hampton Court Apartments on Uteg Street in Crystal Lake were the subject of a lot of police activity this morning.

There was a police blockade of the street.

A SWAT Team was out.

“There are tons of cops and cop vehicles all over the place,” my source emailed at 10:30.

“They have been congregating on Second Street since early morning.

“Uteg St is blocked off from Second to the end of the block on College.”

Elementary School District 47’s Donn Mendoza sent out this message at 11 AM, which seems related to the police activity on Uteg:

Dear District 47 Families:

Please be advised that District 47 was contacted directly at 10:05am today by the Crystal Lake Police Department and informed that they were dealing with a suspicious incident of significance close to the Burger King on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

Upon hearing this, all District 47 schools were instructed to keep all students and staff indoors and to ensure that the common practice of securing and locking exterior doors remained in effect until further notice.

At 10:35 am, we were informed by the police department that the incident had been taken care of. All District 47 schools were then given approval to resume school activities as they normally would for the remainder of the day.

At 2 PM Crystal Lake Central High School Principal Steve Olson sent the following email:

I am writing to inform you of a situation near Crystal Lake Central that transpired this morning. Crystal Lake Police informed us of a situation in the neighborhood near CLC. Working with our school resource officer, we went into a “code yellow lockdown” while police worked to resolve the issue. In a “code yellow,” students are allowed to move between classes; however, no one is allowed to enter or exit the building. This morning’s situation was resolved by Crystal Lake Police quickly, and we believe that at no time were students in danger.

Please be aware that in the rare instance when situations like this arise, we normally send out an automated phone message and email. Today, however, the situation was resolved quicker than we could send out the automated call. Still, because we believe it is important to keep you informed of experiences that are out of the ordinary for your child, I am contacting you by email.

To ensure that you receive future automated emails and phone messages, please verify that your phone numbers and email address are correct in Skyward Family Access.

I prefer grade school district Superintendent Donn Mendozza’s approach.

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