Message of the Day – Trick or Treat

We live at a location where not a lot of kids come trick or treating.

One couple brought their little girl around.

An early trick or treater.

Look at the picture carefully.

The mother is pregnant.

And has another child searching for treats.

The second trick or treater.

Thinking a side view might give you a better idea of this plea from the womb, I provide it below:

Trick or treat.


Message of the Day – Trick or Treat — 7 Comments

  1. this is sick; I’m aghast that someone would think this is funny, clever, or anything but offensive, two little hands reaching from a bloody hole.

    I can’t imagine what that woman was thinking; perhaps, she’d like to explain by responding in this blog.

  2. i say we pass a petition to have these out-lawed!!! are you kidding!!???

    you know that it was halloween?


    just be quiet and stay in your moms basement and keep your radical opinion to yourself

  3. Clearly it was a joke and personally, I find it to be the most inventive costume I’ve ever seen a pregnant woman wear EVER in my life!

    Kudos to her for having the guts to wear it!

    I think it’s hilarious!

  4. This is gross and if somehow her baby is born with defects she will feel guilty kidding about a new life.

  5. Wonder what she did when she passed through the security scanner?

    must have been a curious sight witnessing a premature caesarean section via conveyor.

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