Now or Never PAC Re-enters Walsh-Duckworth Race with $1 Million TV Buy

A press release from the Now or Never PAC:


The logo of the Now or Never PAC.

Washington, DC – The Now or Never Political Action Committee (NON-PAC) announced today that it will be running broadcast television advertisements in the final days of the 2012 Election in Illinois’ 8th District to support the re-election of Republican Congressman Joe Walsh.

This last push of television advertising by Now or Never PAC comes as Democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth, the former head of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, comes under scrutiny for her role in firing an Veterans Affairs employee after the woman filed a complaint against her supervisor.

“Duckworth wants the voters to ignore her own legal problems and mismanagement while she attempts to paint Congressman Walsh as a man he is not,” said Tyler Harber, spokesman for Now or Never PAC.

“Duckworth’s public indictment in the Whistleblower lawsuit has brought us back into this race. The people deserve to know what they will get if they elect Duckworth as their representative.”

Now or Never PAC has secured one-million dollars’ worth of air time on Chicogo-land broadcast television stations.


Now or Never PAC Re-enters Walsh-Duckworth Race with $1 Million TV Buy — 7 Comments

  1. If Illinois voters elect Duckworth it will be more of the same corrupt politicians that have put our State into bankruptcy and many politicians into prison for long terms.

    A democratic State legislator is under indictment for bribery yet running for re-election, Jesse Jackson, Jr. is being investigated by Congress for the Obama Senate seat fiasco, out State continues to sink and Madigan runs all the way to the bank. We have dems running for the County Board, we have Republicans supporting Beaubien who is a minion of Madigan…shame, shame on all of us.

  2. Your headline says Duckworth was “Indicted”?

    I musty have missed that news story- could you let us know where and when and on what charges?

  3. Nice try Joe.

    I read “public indictment”.

    I do not read “Indicted”.

    Insofar as answering your question, keep the post in context and read it in total.

    The caption was obviously based on the quote in the post.

  4. I don’t think a lot of people watch TV, it will be interesting to see whether this is a million down the toilet or not.

  5. Good…would rather them spend money on Walsh’s losing race than somewhere more competitive.

  6. So “public indictment” means she was NOT indicted?

    I’m not “trying” anything I just am trying to understand the post.

    To me, a “public indictment” means, well, an indictment. No?

  7. I’m not a big fan of either one, but Walsh ran a spot I saw only once, just him talking about how he doesn’t accept health insurance or legislative pension.

    It’s a really effective commercial.

    That’s what he should use instead of attack ads.

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