State Says McHenry County Assessments Must Go Down 9%

That’s what Supervisor of Assessments Robert Ross emailed me in September:

“The Department of Revenue has indicated McHenry County assessments must go down approximately 9 percent in 2012.”

Now comes my Algonquin Township assessment notice and guess what it says?

The assessment is being cut by 9.06%, as you can see.

Such an assessment cut does not mean my or your bill will decrease 9%.

In fact, as long as tax districts (think mainly schools, which take most of our property tax dollars) are beneath their statutory tax limit, the County Clerk will raise our tax rates to tax us what the tax districts request.

So, don’t be surprised if your next tax bill is higher than it was this year.


State Says McHenry County Assessments Must Go Down 9% — 7 Comments

  1. Wow that is cheap…you must have some serious exemptions to have a 2600 sq/ft home assessed so low! 🙂 I have 1/2 the house and an equal assessment to yours…maybe it’s protest time?

  2. Perhaps it is time for you to appeal your assessment, as I did last year…complete with appraisal.

  3. You DON’T need an appraisal to file or win an appeal.

    Don’t waste good money!!

  4. You also do not need to pay someone / some company to do do your appeal.

    Your township assessor will help and you can download all the forms you need from the county site with instructions.

    You can mail everything in if you do not want to appear.

    It is simple and free.

    This way you get to keep all of the benefits of the assessment reduction.

  5. Every time you decrease the value of someones property , and blame it on the funding, because at the same time you are going to raise taxes… open the door to creating a destressed community once the average owner reduces his equity .you take away the buying power of the owner.

    Now lets assume he needs a new roof or a new sewer line, they have no equity to borrow against,so guess what they let the house deterioate, or walk away, now another house reduces your average comp sells…..

    Folks decreasing property values is not the answer to improving communitys… tell people you must reduce your property value is like putting a gun to their head and robbing them….taxes are needed, of course but not by dropping the value of homes,I do not expect to go to a used car dealership,and find all 2008 Fords going for the same price, we should not have our homes and taxes based on our ne ighbors forclosures, or grandmas estate sale because the heirs dont care what they get so long as they dont have to fix it,this is yet another step in bringing down the middle class.Fair value…..

    whos kidding who……

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