Cal Skinner’s Republican Precinct Letter & Voter Guide

Thought some might be interested in the letter I have written to my Crystal Lake-Lakewood precinct. It is below:

Dear Algonquin Township Precinct 7 Voters:

You can cast early votes at the Crystal Lake City Hall or the Algonquin Township Hall on Rt. 14 if you wish, but, if you are a traditionalist, our polling place is still the Main Beach House.

Besides the Presidential election, which the media says is a walkaway for Pres. Obama in Illinois, there’s not a lot going on. (Not that I’m not voting for Romney or want you to skip voting.)

No other statewide races, no state legislative contests, no Democrats running for countywide office.

My friend Peter Roskam is running for Congress for the first time in our area. He is the 4th ranking Republican in Washington and well positioned to assist our area.

I believe the most important vote is on the Jack Franks-initiated County Executive Referendum.

Philosophically, I am opposed to concentration of power.

A County Executive form of government will put more power into one person’s hands than exists today.

A County Executive will be able to give out contracts of up to $25,000 without board approval, as well as hire and fire those who report to him. Neither is the case now.

Checks and balances are good. That exits now and was what the Federalist Papers were all about.

There is a contest for County Board members.

The four Republicans who survived this spring’s GOP primary are, in ballot order:

  • Donna Kurtz
  • Jim Heisler
  • Ken Koehler
  • Carolyn Schoefield

All have solid public service records. They are opposed by two Democrats.

Three judges are on the ballot seeking another 6 years on the bench. None merits a “No” vote.

The final item is the Mike Madigan-pension Constitutional Amendment. He’s the reason we have a pension problem. No one thinks the proposal to increase the majority needed to pass pension bills will do anything. As a 16-year State Rep., I can’t remember a pension bill vote that was even close.

More political info on my McHenry County Blog. Please call 459-3506 if you have questions.



Cal Skinner’s Republican Precinct Letter & Voter Guide — 3 Comments

  1. I’m not sure Kurtz is the Republican she wants everyone to think she is.

    While supporting Dee Beaubien, both Kurtz and Tina Hill took money from Beaubien that Beaubien got from Mike Madigan.

    Kurtz’ pro-choice agenda seems to out weigh her sincerity to address McHenry County issues.

  2. @Fred – what does that even mean?

    So because Donna Kurtz supported Dee Beaubien, she isn’t sincere about addressing McHenry County issues?

    That doesn’t make any sense.

    And the money coming from Madigan is just silly.

    Dee has given herself over $200,000 into her campaign.

    And the money that went to Kurtz and Hill happened before Madigan gave cash to Dee.

    Madigan had given in-kind contributions to Dee before the money went to Hill/Kurtz, but he had not given any cash.

    So no Madigan cash was transferred to Hill/Kurtz.

    Good try though.

    You attempt to assert that Kurtz can’t care about McHenry County issues because she supports Dee Beaubien, despite the fact that the two are not mutually exclusive.

    What is most ironic about your statement is that you clearly place partisan identity over any kind of policy issue.

  3. Didn’t they all vote to raise our taxes?

    Aren’t those the names of the culprits?

    Why do we have to pay for those four monoliths on Route 14?

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