Early Voting in Two McHenry County Precincts

A line of people waiting to vote early at the Crystal Lake City Hall.

Crystal Lake Estates comprises a precinct east of Pingree Road and west of Route 31.

It is a precinct in the state representative district in which Dave McSweeney is fighting a pitched battle with Dee Beaubien-Mike Madigan combine.

It has an active Republican Precinct Committeeman, Chuck Lutzow.

He is keeping track of those who are voting early.  The totals, in percentages, are found below:

  • 67% Republican
  • 10% Independent
  • 22% Democratic

That represents 69 voters.

Four years ago, 701 people voted, so about 10% of those expect to vote have done so.

In my precinct, Algonquin 7, 73 people have voted.  350 voted in the 2008 Presidential Election.

That’s 21% of those who voted four years ago.

I have not analyzed the partisan make-up.

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