Marengo October Police Activity

Marengo Police Car in the Settlers Days Parade.

Forwarded by Marengo crime watcher Kristin Ottolino from Marengo Police Chief Joseph M. Hallman:

Just a recap of October reports to pass along for your groups. I’ll continue to send this monthly, unless of course there is something that needs immediate attention.

October 2nd – Fraud / Scam: This one has been around and we spoke of it at the meeting on the 23rd. Caller (international) claims to know that victim’s relative is at their consulate (relative) who is serving in the armed forces over seas. They (suspects) are looking for money to be wired to them so they can help relative at the consulate. Unfortunately in this case money was wired and of course no one was at their consulate.

October 18th – Burglary From Motor Vehicle
: Unlocked truck in the 900 block of Kishwaukee Street was compromised. Taken were sunglasses, GPS unit and some prescription pills. Between 10/18 12 (10 p.m.) and 10/19/12 (6 a.m.)

October 20th – Burglary From Motor Vehicle: Unlocked van in the 600 block of 7th Avenue had wallet removed. Subsequent purchase made on Visa from wallet the next day. Between 10/20/12 (1 p.m.) and 10/23/12 (10 a.m.) when reported to MPD.

October 20th – Burglary From Motor Vehicle: Unlocked vehicle in parking lot of Dollar General had handicapped placard removed. Between (8 a.m.) and (2 p.m.)

October 22nd – Criminal Damage to Property / Possible Attempted Burglary to Residence: 400 block of North East Street had two basement access windows broken, but no entry was made into the residence. Between 10/21/12 (10 p.m.) and 10/22/12 (4 p.m.)

October 30th – Theft
: Some person(s) removed the old air conditioning unit from the Marengo Public Library. This unit was no longer in service and about to be replaced, so presumably it was taken for scrap.

Of course we had some minor acts of mischief during Halloween, but nothing too drastic. Please be mindful out there and pass this information along to your respective groups.

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