NWH Editor Concludes Madigan Contributions to Dee Beaubien Might Lead to Madigan for Speaker Vote

Dan McCaleb

Northwest Herald Editor Dan McCaleb evaluates Independent Dee Beaubien’s likelihood of voting for Democrat Mike Madigan for House Speaker today. Read his conclusion:

“Do you think the most powerful politician in Illinois would give so much money to an “independent” candidate without expecting anything in return? I don’t either.

“So the decision comes down to this: If you think Madigan is doing a fine job as speaker, vote for Dee Beaubien. If not, McSweeney is the choice.”


NWH Editor Concludes Madigan Contributions to Dee Beaubien Might Lead to Madigan for Speaker Vote — 10 Comments

  1. He just now figured that out.

    One reason why print is dead.

    Another reason that newspaper has as much credibility as the President on Benghazi.

  2. Yea! Who cares about her policy positions?

    Lets only care about whether or not she is going to vote for someone who is going to be speaker regardless of Dee’s vote!

  3. Dave, given your comment, are you saying what we’ve known all along?

    The “independent” label Beaubien uses is a lie, given the exorbitant amount of money the Illinois Democratic Party has given her?

  4. Oncoming Storm- true comment is nonsensical, and I have no idea what it means in relation to my comment.

  5. Sigh…autocorrect again.

    “true comment” should be “your comment”

  6. Issues; pro-tax, big(ger) governemnt, no solution to pension crisis, receives support from leadership that propogates same.

    Yep, agree with you dave. Issues.

  7. I’m going to ignore the pension for now, because I don’t think that either candidate has a workable solution on pensions.

    But I would like you to provide evidence that Dee is pro-tax and pro-big government.

  8. Dave, your trolling days here on McHenry County Blog are numbered, since you’ll be out of here as soon as Tuesday’s elections have come and gone.

    Beaubien has no policy positions, despite what she has stated in her literature and TV ads.

    Any position is as hollow as the “independent” label she claims and as terrible as the plastic surgery she wears on her face, when facts that nearly a 1/2 million dollars have flowed into her campaign from Democratic Party Chairman Mike Madigan.

    And that is the point of the editorial piece from the Northwest Herald.

    You don’t remain “independent” when the Illinois Democratic Party has bankrolled your campaign at the level it has, and kept Beaubien competitive.

    And this fact of the huge amount of monies she’s accepted from the Illinois Democrats is the only evidence the discerning voter needs to know she is pro-tax and pro-big government, despite her (or your) words to the contrary.

    Now, paraphrasing a quote from the classic Clint Eastwood movie “The Gauntlet”, do you get the point, or do I have to put it in Braille and stick it up your

  9. @Oncoming Storm… A few comments.

    First, I was commenting on here before Dee ever entered the race. And I will very likely continue to comment on here. Good try though. And I don’t think you know what trolling actually is. Trolling is not just disagreeing with you.

    Second, you have obviously never spoken to Dee, as she very clearly has policy positions. To pretend otherwise is either ignorant, or you’re just lying.

    Third, oh look! Another absurd, offensive comment about Dee’s appearance. Stay classy, as all of you McSweeney supporters continue to do.

    Fourth, no, that wasn’t the point of the NWH editorial. The point was that she might vote for Madigan. Which is silly, and has absolutely nothing to do with issues that matter in this district.

    Fifth, there is absolutely no evidence that Dee is pro-tax and pro-big government, which is why you and Paul can’t provide any. And if you knew anything about Democrats in Illinois, you would know that there are many that are very far from being pro-tax and pro-big government.

    Dee is what she is- a socially liberal, fiscal conservative that was not willing to let Dave McSweeney’s extremism run unopposed. She thought that the best way to do that was to take support from Madigan. We’ll see tomorrow if it worked.

    You can make personal attacks on Dee or me all your want. I don’t care. As I have said in the past, it says a lot more about you than it does about Dee or me. And you can yell MADIGAN!!! all you want as well, but your refusal to actually talk about issues also tells a lot. You and McSweeney and all his other friends can continue to lie about who Dee is and what Dee will do. It may work out for you. But I hope not.

  10. BTW…@Paul Greenlee- I’m waiting for you to call out any of these other anonymous commenters about using their real names.

    Or is that absurd attack only reserved for people that you disagree with?

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