Walsh Reacts to “Chicago Machine Goons”

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Joe Walsh

Rep. Walsh Responds to Reports of Voter Intimidation by Duckworth Campaign

The Walsh Campaign has received numerous phone calls and complaints from voters claiming hired workers from Chicago have gone door-to-door in the suburban 8th district coercing residents to vote for Tammy Duckworth. Following these many claims, Congressman Joe Walsh released the following statement:

“Ms. Duckworth has resorted to desperate tactics by hiring Chicago Machine goons to intimidate voters in the suburban 8th district. What else is to be expected from a Rod Blagojevich protégé? With the General of corruption in Illinois serving prison time, they now serve one of his Lieutenants, Tammy Duckworth.

“Humiliating and silencing whistleblowers, using tax dollars for political purposes and now hiring Machine goons – What won’t Ms. Duckworth do to win?

“The people of Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, Addison and towns across the 8th district reject this kind of campaign.

“The suburban voters of the 8th want an independent voice not beholden to Chicago interests, and they clearly don’t want Chicago style politics in their neighborhoods.

“I call on Ms. Duckworth to call back her Machine operatives and try to run a true grassroots campaign.”


Walsh Reacts to “Chicago Machine Goons” — 7 Comments

  1. Why is there always some “extra special” story involving “goons” or people in masks that surround losing candidates.

    It can’t be someone trying anything to try in get in the news can it?

    On a related note.

    How exactly would the “goons” compel people to vote for the other guy.

    Heck, in today’s climate of people being charged with criminal assault for tossing an empty plastic water bottle at another, it is simply not true.

    It is the imagination of someone stuck in the 50’s (or 20’s) for that matter.

    I wonder if those reporting these incidents realize that they are revealing themselves by the stories they create?

  2. Let me get this straight…Joe Walsh just issued a press release complaining about folks knocking on doors for Tammy Duckworth.


    And Joe Walsh can cut the “grassroots” crap out.

    He has received so much help from big money secret donors it isn’t even funny.

    The ONLY reason that this is remotely competitive is the massive amounts of secret money from mega-rich donors, very likely from outside the state, funding ads bashing Duckworth.

  3. Chicago style politics spreading further out to the burbs.

    Not orchestrated by Duckworth rather her supporters.

  4. Wait wait wait…these are the same tactics WALSH used in 2010.

    How do you like when the tide turn Walsh?

    38 hours to the Duckworth Victory Party.

  5. If you vote for Duckworth then you are continuing the BS that has drug the USA and Illinois into bankruptcy.

    Wake UP America, Save our Freedom!!

  6. I think you’re confused John- neither Illinois or the USA have defaulted on their debts, much less filed bankruptcy.

    Joe Walsh, however, has a long history of unpaid obligations behind him.

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