We’re Number One!

That’s what The Illinois Campaign for Political Reform reports of expenditures in the State Rep. race between Republican David McSweeney and Independent Dee Beaubien.

The chart shows Dee Beaubien raising  $996,991, but that doesn’t include $11,324 more  reported this weekend.  Dave McSweeney’ total is $652,549.

Have we come to to point the first qualification of being a State Representative is being a millionaire?


We’re Number One! — 2 Comments

  1. Economic stimulus funded with private not taxpayer dollars.

    Very strategic race for Madigan…nothing short of an all out blitz.

  2. Pretty astounding…that Madigan should have as much money as he has thrown into this and the other strategic races he’s targeted.

    Might provide some insight regarding Illinois’ own fiscal condition.

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