One of Two County Board Democrat Incumbents Losing, Chirikos Leading Bless

Democrats are running in all six McHenry County Board districts.

Two, Kathy Bergan Schmidt (District 3) and Paula Yensen (District 5), are incumbents.

One, Schmidt, seems likely to fall by the wayside without the pull of a Barack Obama victory.

In 2012, Mitt Romney is leading Obama 54 to 44 in McHenry County.

The other, Yensen is running fourth, almost a hundred votes ahead of the fourth Republican.

In District 1, however, newcomer Nick Chirikos seems about to keep the partisan balance on the County Board 22-2.

With 41 of 41 precincts reporting, Kathy Bergan Schmidt ‘s candidacy is succumbing to the one incumbent and three newcomers running on the Republican ticket.

In District 5, Paula Yensen is barely edging out newcomer Michael Rein.

In District 5, with early and absentee voting not yet included, incumbent Democrat Paula Yensen his edging out newcomer Republican Michael Rein.

Note that Green Party candidate Frank Wedig has again topped the 5% level necessary to keep the Green Part as an “established” party. Such status relieves Green Party candidates for County Board from having to get a really high number of petition signatures to get on the ballot.

Democrat Nick Chirikos, who is running in District 1, is nudging out incumbent Republican Bob Bless, as you can see below:

Nick Chirikos is running fourth ahead of Republican Bob Bless in District 1.

District 6 results show victories for the four Republicans.  Without consideration of early and absentee ballots, Jack Franks’ candidate Ryan Heuser is running 376 votes behind Ersel Schuster, one of the Republican women he attacked.

The 2012 results for District 6, without the early and absentee votes, show the four Republicans winning.

Democrats in District 2 also were behind prior to the adding of early and absentee votes:

Both Democrats fell short in the District 2 County Board race.

Likewise in District 4, Democrat Mary Margaret Maule is trailing behind the four GOP candidates.  She attacked John Hammerand in her first mailing.  Hammerand is running first.

Democrat Mary Margaret Maule is running behind the fourth Republican, Bob Martens. One wonders if she could have bridged the gap had her attack piece been directed at Martens, rather than John Hammerand.

Commenting on the totals you see above, Maule said, “I am very proud of the race that I ran and thankful to everyone for the support I received.

“I extend my congratulations to my colleagues and hope to work with them to continue building a vibrant and strong McHenry County.”

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