County Board District 3 Observer’s Notes

Signs on Walkup near Prairie Ridge in front of a Democrat’s home.

A District 3 activist who has been knocking on doors found the following of interest:

In going door to door I had estimated that one in ten had voted early and I see I wasn’t far off.

Virtually all of the Beaubien signs I saw were on Dem houses. I saw one with a Romney/Ryan sign also.

Usually the houses with the Dee Beaubien signs don’t have any other candidate signs out. One Dem former or present Precinct Committeeman and I believe former Island Lake Trustee had a garage full of them earlier on.

Beaubien is obviously trying to pick up all of the Dem vote and then add some others who recognize the name and will think she is her late husband. It could work.

Most signs for my candidate are disappearing.

Jim Roden and Kathy Bergan Schmidt were at the Eco Fair at MCC on Saturday.

Jim also had his door hangers and cards at his vendor table. Obviously neither Roden nor Kathy were out walking.

I have only received the one Rep general mailing that I am on and the Provenzano mailing at the house. Maybe no one else is doing any mailings in our district.

I know that Michele Aavang is not doing any due to cost in D 6. Her photo did appear however in a farm mailing giving an award to Hultgren on behalf of the McHenry County Farm Bureau of which she is current President.

The only other door hangers I saw in District 3 were from Mary McClellan in one Cary precinct and they didn’t show up until yesterday.

They were obviously being put out indiscriminately as they were on the doors of registered and non registered voters alike.

Mary seems to have the most signs including a few large ones with her photo.

Both she and Joe Gottmoeller seem to have the support of large vacant lots and farm properties, all of which are probably owned by real estate speculators.

In particular I notice some sharing space with Harding Real Estate signs. Harding was very vocal in opposing the 2020 Land Use Plan. It will be interesting to see how they vote on the Board on development issues.

The percentage of people who have at least heard something about the County Executive Referendum is up to around 30% but half of them have only very vague knowledge gleaned mostly from signs.

Very few people appeared to know anything about the County Board races.

One person, who was a very regular voter and very inquisitive, asked what it is that County government does.

That’s a fair question.

Another asked what county he lives in.

This early voting is going to mean that future races will have to start sooner and cost more money.

You have to keep replacing signs and people aren’t receptive before Labor Day on these down ballot contests.

The observer went on to wonder why are there so many presidential election signs when Illinois won’t count in the outcome?

Intensity would be my guess.

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