Jack Franks’ County Executive Referendum Tanking in Two Crystal Lake Precincts, Jim Roden Carries Home Precinct by One Vote

There are two precincts who vote at the Crystal Lake Park Districts Main Beach House–Algonquin 7 and Algonquin 19.

Let’s start at the top of the ticket, knowing that the results do not include 86 absentee and early votes. Neither are a handful of votes cast electronically included.

So look at the results as dots on a trend line.

Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama 142-107 in Algonquin Township Precinct 7 among those who voted on paper.

Four years ago Obama beat Romney by one vote in Algonquin 7.

Congressman Peter Roskam beat Democrat Leslie Coolidge by 147-

At the top of the ballot, you can see that the pension amendment to the State Constitution lost 125-121.

The County Board race in Algonquin 7, which is where Democratic Party challenger Jim Roden lives had him beating Ken Koehler by just one vote. You can see other than Koehler, whom Roden was targeting for defeat, the ballot order pretty much determined the outcome.

If Jim Roden were to take out his targeted opponent, McHenry County Board member Ken Koehler, he would have had to have done so in his home precinct.  That did not happen, as you can see above.

In Algonquin 19, the County Board results almost mirrored those in Jim Roden’s h home precinct.  Ken Koehler was the lowest Republican, but he was tied with Roden.

And, finally, the reason for the headline.

Jack Franks’ County Executive referendum went down the proverbial tube in Algonquin 7. The vote was 196-39.  Bob Anderson’s anti-double-dipping question was 226-18.

The other precinct, Algonquin 19 also defeated the County Executive referendum, as you can see below:

The vote against Jack Franks’ County Executive referendum was 205-64.

And word from Algonquin 9 in Fox River Grove is that Jack Franks’ referendum failed 238-119. That’s less than in the two Crystal Lake precincts above, but still a 2-1 margin.

The County Clerk’s web site had no results for the referendum as of 8 PM.

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