Jack Franks Gets Spanked

Jack Franks had two contests in which he invested political capita:

his County Executive referendum

the District 6 County Board candidacy of Ryan Heuser

In both efforts Franks fell short.

Franks’ County Executive push is failing

With 44% of the precincts counted, Jack Franks’ County Executive idea is losing big time.

Two-thirds of the electorate is voting against the County Executive referendum.

Jack Franks strongly endorsed fellow Democrat Ryan Heuser. With 52% of the precincts counted, Heuser is running sixth behind the four Republicans, plus Independent Larry Smith.

Franks used a lot of political capital this year and seems not to have purchased anything.


Jack Franks Gets Spanked — 15 Comments

  1. Thankfully the voters smelled a skunk in the County Executive referendum.

  2. I would have taken Joe Gottemoller as the new county executive, in a second.

  3. If voters want to lower their taxes then they need only look at their School board members and the salaries of the local school staff.

    Simply go to family tax payer institute.com and look into it.

    Along with the States Superintendent of Schools positions.

    These are the elected positions that cost the tax payer a fortune and most people don’t even know that they exist.

    Chicago did away with the position years ago and here in the suburbs we are still paying for nothing.

    They are political positions.

  4. I read this the other day and assumed that the “third race” Jack Franks was involved with Tuesday- his own re-election, the only race where people could vote “Yay or Nay” specifically on him- must not have gone too well- I mean LOOK at that headline! HE GOT SPANKED!

    I just checked the final vote tally and in actuality he beat his “opponent” by 100-to-1!

    So he won by a HUGE margin.

    What would the headline be if you’d actually written a story about your “anointed one” being beaten by a HUGE margin by “chainsaw Jack”?

    I’m guessing something like “Joe loses in a squeaker” or “Massive fraud in Franks Race”?

  5. How about “Jack Franks Easily Withstands Write-In Challenge?”

  6. How about one good reason that the County Executive vote turned out as it did?

    The surprise second part to the question.

    Where did THAT come from?

    Was a NO vote on the County Executive pitch just a YES vote for home rule?

    How many voters were surprised by that question?

    Why would any question on a ballot ever be a two-part question that could bring Yes-and-No answers?

  7. I would respectfully suggest that most people don’t realize how dangerous Home Rule can be.

    When Lakewood residents were asked to approve Home Rule, they voted against the change.

  8. So Ryan Heuser a construction worker (working class who republicans hate) with limited experience in politics comes close to beating out a career politician, and you want to call that spanked!

    What is wrong with you?

  9. Ryan Heuser raised over $27,000, most from unions, but $5,500 from a person whom I believe is his wife. (That’s over $3 a vote.)

    Spending that kind of money on a County Board race probably almost guarantees getting a lot of votes.

    The almost final results are

    MARY T. McCANN REP 10,658
    LARRY W. SMITH IND 8,015

  10. So where is there proof of getting spanked, that was a close race, and he will probably raise more money next time!

    Loosing by 583 votes to a overly seasoned politician is not bad at all, certainly not considered getting spanked!

  11. Jack Franks lost the County Executive referendum by 33,509 votes (with a minor number of uncounted absentee ballots outstanding).

    YES 41501 35.62%

    NO 75010 64.38%

    Perhaps you prefer the word “drubbing.”

  12. Your were including Heuser into getting Spanked!

    Scott Summers got Spanked, Jayant got annihilated!

    Heuser simply just lost, came close for his first time in an election!LB5D

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