Message of the Day – Vote

From the Way Back Machine comes a 1968 envelope and real estate tax bill that I mailed in 1968 when I was McHenry County Treasurer.

Next to the six cent metered postage is the following message:

Vote and the choice is yours! Don’t vote and the choice is theirs! Register…or you have no choice!” reads the envelop message on this McHenry County Treasurer’s 1968 real estate tax bill envelopment.

Here’s what the envelop looked like:

On the back of this 1968 envelop from the McHenry County Treasurer’s Office, it says, “Serving the public from8-5 week days.”

And, just in case you are more interested in the tax bill than the envelop, here it is:

This McHenry County real estate tax bill showed up in an old book. It is for a home on Woodland Drive in Crystal Lake. The bill was $107.22.

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