Unclear on the Boundaries

The main room at the Crystal Lake Park District Main Beach House was the polling place for those who live in Algonquin Township south, east and north of the lake.

While voting at Crystal Lake’s Main Beach House (thank you Park District officials for putting democracy in front of renting out the room for karati!), a confused young man was pointed to me.

He wanted to know whether the precinct was in the 6th or the 14th Congressional District.

I told him the 6th.

He wanted to know where the 14th began and I told him the boundary was in front of my house, Meridian Street.

He wasn’t the only one confused.

On the parking lot side of the cross walk at Crystal Lake’s Main Beach House are these two signs. One is for Donna Kurtz for County Board. The other is for Dennis Anderson for Congress. The only problem is that no one who votes at this polling place will see Anderson’s name on the ballot as the Democratic Party candidate for Congress.

Turnout was good at both my precinct, Algonquin 7, and Algonquin 19, which votes at the same location.

At about 4 this afternoon, there were 212 votes that had been cast in Algonquin 7. In addition, there were 86 early and absentee ballots to be counted.

For Algonquin 19, which has more voters, 230 had voted in person, plus 102 who had voted earlier.

There were handmade signs opposing Jack Franks’ County Executive referendum posted near the polling place.

A homemade sign urges voters to “Vote No” on the County Executive referendum.


Unclear on the Boundaries — 3 Comments

  1. And there’s no possibility that someone else placed the Anderson sign there?

  2. my ballet did not let me vote outn duckworth or any other state rep. i feel i have been cheeted!

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