McSweeney Stops Madigan “Independent” Strategy to Win Suburban Seats

David McSweeney

When Democratic Party Chairman and House Speaker Mike Madigan spends almost a half a million dollars in Republican territory in the far Northwest suburbs you know something out of the ordinary is taking place.

Observers think that Madigan was trying to establish a beachhead.

The money was not well spent because David McSweeney wiped the floor with Madigan’s “Independent.”

From adding the results (not yet final) for the four-county district, David McSweeney wiped out Dee Beaubien 26,572 to 18,331.

That’s over 59% of the vote, a landslide by anyone’s definition.

Below are the county by county results. Not all have early and absentee votes folded in so they are not final, but certainly are definitive.

In McHenry County the vote was 15,724 to 11,676. McSweeney got over 57%.

The McHenry County election results in the Dave McSweeney v. Dee Beaubien slug fest.

The Lake County’s tally shows McSweeney leading by 3,998 to 2,593.  That’s almost 61%.

The Lake County portion of the Dee Beaubien challenge to David McSweeney is above.

Cook County’s votes turned out 4,627 to 2,775.  Percentage-wise the margin was almost 63% to 37%.

Cook County results can be seen here.

Finally, the smallest part of the district is in Kane County.  McSweeney got 57% of the vote.  He led Beaubien by 2,223 to 1,676.

Kane County results for the Dee Beaubien-David McSweeney race are above.


McSweeney Stops Madigan “Independent” Strategy to Win Suburban Seats — 13 Comments

  1. A little different than Cook County where indicted felon Derrick Smith was re-elected.

  2. Well that sucked… I always knew that it would be very difficult for Dee to win.

    I always knew that the odds said that she would lose.

    But this margin of victory was no expected.

    It is too bad, because the 52nd district is truly losing out.

    But we still live to fight the next fight.

    Oh well…

  3. While not a slick snake oil salesman like most politicians, Dave was always the far superior candidate: very smart, a fiscal hawk and running as a patriot.

    Dee’s husband Mark(inherited wealth) was a cause our state is $85 Billion+ in debt-as Republican spokesperson on Budget, Mark was complicit in rubber stamping union/radical leftist spending into Greek style bankruptcy.

    Observing Dee over the years I knew she was more excited by political operations than Mark.

    Dee proved herself a shameful hypocrite in calling herself a Catholic at St. Anne (never attending) but supporting the most extreme”partial birth abortion anytime” agenda of her $funders.

    McSweeney will bring intellect and reason to a legislative body operating in the dark bowels of acorruption and payback machine under evil madigan.

    The citizens of Illinois are lucky to have a candidate of McSweeney’s quality willing to serve in that hell hole. He will be great.


  5. Billy your post disgusts me.

    Attitudes like that are why the Republican party got their behinds handed to them.

    People are SICK of the “You disagree with me so you are an (Insert ridiculous accusation i.e. Communist, cannibal, Kenyan) !” attack mode that has permeated politics the last few years.

    THE message of this election is that BOTH SIDES MUST WORK TOGETHER.

    ENOUGH of this garbage.

  6. One of the few bright spots was the stake through the heart of the Beaubien campaign.

    Hopefully it never rises again.

  7. “THE message of this election is that BOTH SIDES MUST WORK TOGETHER.”

    Where did that message come from? Who in this election proposed that?

    The “independent” Beaubien who said she would work with both parties lost in a landslide.

    Judging from voter reaction, they didn’t want people to work together.

  8. when accepting massive amounts of money from Mike Madigan, how credible is her claim that both sides must work together?

  9. We are grateful for David McSweeney’s victory on Tuesday in the 52nd district. We wish him well.

  10. Last night on Phil Ponce channel 11 he had two very bright political experts and the young lady said that Dee refused any interviews or possible debates.

    She pointed out that interviews and debates are how people get elected.

    But Dee refused all offers over and over again.

    It seemed as though she was just the front women for Madigan.

    No one on the show was very impressed and they were most likely Dem’s.

    I don’t know anything about this election.

    I am simply passing on the information from the show.

  11. Dee Beaubien and David McSweeney debated at McHenry County College.

    You can read my story about it here.

    The League of Women Voters refused to ask my question about who she would support for House Speaker.

  12. **he had two very bright political experts and the young lady said that Dee refused any interviews or possible debates.**

    Yea, she was so bright that she blatantly lied. Kind of like the entire McSweeney campaign.

    **She pointed out that interviews and debates are how people get elected.**

    No one, in state legislative elections, gets elected because of debates and interviews. That is absurd.

    **I don’t know anything about this election.**

    That is very clear.

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