Here’s a Reason People Might Want to Elect the McHenry County Board Chairman

Tina Hill

It’s a comment from County Board Chairman candidate Tina Hill. I found it in a Sunday Daily Herald article.

“I’m not going to have any comment on that because it’s an internal thing,” she said. “I don’t deny what I said (this summer).”

Ken Koehler

If you are not one of the twenty-four elected to the County Board last week, you have no right to know anything about the maneuvering.

Ersel Schuster

I can tell you that more than one source has told me that current County Board Chairman Ken Koehler cannot get re-elected.

Hill announced that she was running against him this summer.

Ersel Schuster is also seeking the post.

The article says Nick Provenzano is considering running.

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