Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett Comments on the Election

Mike Bissett

I asked McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett for his take on the election.  His reply is below:

“I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the Democratic candidates who worked the hardest won.

Paula Yensen

“I’m proud of Nick Chirikos and Paula Yensen for putting in the long hours required to ensure their election.

“Paula has been an incredibly hard-working and conscientious board member for District 5 over the past four years.
“She has earned the respect of her peers and the public, regardless of party affiliation.
“She deserved re-election, and we need more people on the board like her.

Nick Chirikos

“I am also pleased that the voters in District 1 chose to elect Nick as their representative.

“Nick is an earnest and thoughtful man who will be a very strong and vocal contributor with an independent point of view.

Cathy Bergan Schmidt

“I was disappointed that Kathy Bergan Schmidt was not able to retain her seat.

“Whether you agreed with her or not, she took her responsibilities as a county board member very seriously.
“Her dedication to environmental protection and honesty in government will be missed.
“While McHenry County still leans Republican, Paula and Nick both proved that quality Democratic candidates who are willing to work hard will win.
“Voters in McHenry County are becoming more receptive to our local Party’s message of
  • fiscal responsibility
  • accountability and
  • transparency in government
“We don’t expect to change the county overnight, or even in a few years.

“The Republican oligarchy still has to run its course, but the open-minded voters of McHenry County who care about good government are with us, not them.”

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Bissett and Yensen are married.
Frankly I missed the McHenry County Monopoly piece that was mailed out four years ago.
Relive the laughs by clicking on the image to enlarge it.

Democrats took imaginative aim at McHenry County Republican weak points in this 2008 parody on the game of Monopoly.


Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett Comments on the Election — 5 Comments

  1. I know she is in her mid-60s, but I am curious if Paula Yensen and her Democratic Chairman husband are willing to speculate, if State Senator-elect Karen McConnaughay does indeed run for lieutenant governor as Kirk Dillard’s running mate (they are required now, by law, to run together in the primary) thus opening up McConnaughay’s senate seat, would Yensen run for the seat?

    Yensen has ties to central Kane County through her United Way work.

    Given McConnaughay drew a 2-year seat in the state senate, her running for lieutenant governor will open up the 33rd district seat.

  2. Storm:

    I hadn’t heard that Karen was aiming that high (though many think Lt. Gov. isn’t such a top spot).

  3. Paula Yensen and Mike Bissett are good people. They truly care about community and how its government affect its citizens.

    The GOP of McHenry County should be pleased they have Democrats of such fine character to work along side. For that matter, people of the Bissett/Yensen character of any party to work with.

    These are fine, caring people who have and use common sense for the good of all people, not just the few.

    Congratulations! McHenry County will continue to be a great place to live because of folks like you who ‘step up’ and aren’t afraid to pitch in a helping, well reasoned hand.

  4. It looks like, of all the suburban counties, the McHenry County Dems were the only group of county Dems to not gain seats this cycle.

    Further, my Dem precinct committeeman has never reached out to me. I’m a swing voter (on paper), and am exactly the kind of person the committeeman would want engaged.

    Of course, Mayor Shepley (my Repub committeeman) has also not made any effort to reach out to me either.

    I am still getting used to the total lack of organization from both McHenry County Dems and Republicans.

  5. Wow- Dave- that is really funny.

    Your precinct committeeman contacting you.. Hilarious.

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