LITH Trustee Denise W. Barreto Turns Author

Denise Barreto

What does a Village Trustee in Lake in the Hills do when she gets tired of the rat race.

She writes a book and creates her own job if her name is Denise W. Barreto.

The name of the book is

From Here to There: 5 Steps to Doing Your Life’s Work Every Day

The cover of “From Here to There: 5 Steps to Doing Your Life’s Work Every Day.”

“I finally left corporate america this past winter,” she writes, “and I love it.

“I  ‘created my own job.’

“Now there’s a first – a politician who had no intention of creating a job actually doing it.

“My book is sort of a memoir/handbook to encourage people to pursue their life’s work versus work someone else has for them.

“It should resonate well in our current climate.

“It is simple and short (just under 24,000 words and about 74 pages printed).”

She has a coming out party, so to speak, on Wednesday in Rosemont. It will be held at the Rosemont Park District Building’s Thompson Room. The address is 6140 Scott Street.

The event runs from 6:30-8:30 PM with Barreto speaking at 7:15 and 8.

Free parking available directly in back of the building and across the playground to the left of the building

Barreto’s author page on Amazon can be found here, where she says her next book will be on marketing.

Right now she is “Primarily delivering strategic business and marketing planning services, Relationships Matter Now, LLC, sees relationships–internal and external–as the key driver and differentiator for long-term success.”

And knowing that I might ask if she is running for re-election, she let me know, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Lake in the Hills Village Board and have pulled a packet for re-election.”

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