Update on Teachers Negotiations in Huntley School District 158

A press release from the Huntley School Board:

Teacher Negotiations Update from the Board of Education of Consolidated School District 158

ALGONQUIN, IL – The District 158 Board of Education (Board) has received notice that the Huntley Education Association (HEA) has declared impasse.

The Board believes that both sides want to reach a compromise that is beneficial for the staff, students, and taxpayers of District 158.

Over the summer, both sides worked diligently to finalize a new contract. Almost all of the language issues were resolved in a mutually agreeable manner.

The remaining issues are primarily compensation.

The Board reached a tentative agreement with the HEA bargaining team on September 5, 2012.

This agreement was not ratified by the membership.

At a subsequent bargaining session, the Board modified this agreement in an effort to meet the needs the bargaining team expressed.

Both sides agreed to make every effort to get this proposal ratified by their respective members.

This proposal also ultimately failed to be ratified by the HEA membership.

The Board team looks forward to meeting with the HEA on the evening of November 13, and continuing work towards agreement and ratification of a contract.


Update on Teachers Negotiations in Huntley School District 158 — 3 Comments

  1. Beneficial to teachers and staff.

    All that needed to be said.

    Students and taxpayers mean nothing.

  2. I guess teachers don’t teach the kids basic budgeting.

    Or about the flailing economy.

    Or the difference between true versus the whitewashed versions of liberalism, Marxism, and Communism.

    Or about liberal tactics to make fuzzy wuzzy friends with kids and parents so they can get away with essentially holding them “hostage” during strikes.

    Or about living in reality versus fantasy world.

  3. Outsource education now and eliminate the teachers union!

    Maybe when they lose their jobs like the rest of us unemployed/underemployed property taxpayers, will they see how foolish, unrealistic and selfish they have become.

    How dare they pull this while their neighbors are struggling in difficult time’s just trying meet every day needs for their families.

    The same thing that killed the auto industry in Detroit is killing Illinois – UNIONS! (Low quality at a premium price for labor – just like education in the US).

    I am infuriated with kids being used for leverage in contract disputes while paying ransom for the right to live in my own home.

    Funding education through property tax is unfair and outdated.

    There are plenty of people that don’t pay property tax who use the schools.

    Others like me have no kids and pay over 8k per year in property tax, which masquerades as a never ending mortgage.

    It is like your home can never be paid off.

    Worse, property values are decreasing so this has the net result of the school districts stealing the equity right out of your most valuable asset.

    Years ago property values rose more than the property tax bill – no longer the case.

    The time is overdue to fix this problem rather than throwing more money at it.

    Privatize education – bring educators into the US on work visas or setup virtual classrooms in India.

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