Another Clue in the McHenry County Board Chairmanship Race

Ken Koehler

Guess I didn’t read the Sunday Daily Herald article on the contest to be Chairman of the McHenry County Board.

There is a vibrant three-way race consisting of

  • current four-term Chairman Ken Koehler
  • Tina Hill and
  • Ersel Schuster

with Nick Provenzano thinking about entering the contest.

Of the three major contenders Koehler and Hill wear the “Establishment” label, while Schuster would be considered the “outsider.”

A friend pointed out that Koehler did not actually say he was running for a fifth term in the Daily Herald pie.

He’s “still deciding.”

He’s “weighing family considerations”…but he’d “love to continue.”

I find that pretty interesting verbiage.

Do you?

I do know that members are meeting, maneuvering for position and the intrigue continues.

And will until the day the County Board reorganizes during the first week in December.


Another Clue in the McHenry County Board Chairmanship Race — 12 Comments

  1. Hill=Koehler= Back room deals and business as usual.

  2. Klatu; please enlighten us with that which you KNOW has been done in a back room, and exactly how it has impacted the county in a negative way?

    Please be specific

  3. Agree with Klatu; these two aren’t that far apart.

    Ersel scares the freeloaders and those that don’t have a conscience about giving an honest day’s work; Yay, Ersel!

  4. Re: “exactly how it has impacted the county in a negative way? ”

    The quasi illegal meeting was relative to redistricting.

    It created deeper distrust in government by the general public.

    AZsupporter may want to ask him/her self: “Why was voter turnout down, yet again, (compared to 2008) this year?”

    People elected to office should work diligently to build trust, not engage in activities which result in less trust.

    his particularly applies to those who want to chosen to ‘lead’.

  5. Voter turnout was down because people are lazy, and expect others to do it for them.

    They’re called democrats.

  6. voter turnout was extremley high in 2008 with the obama wave of first time voters.

    the second election was high, but not as high as it was the first time.

    i really dont think people use trust in government or lack of as an excuse to stay home.

  7. I agree with Peter.

    I too do not think distrust in government makes lazy people stay home and not vote.

    If you do not vote, then you have NO room to complain.

    Find enough people who agree with your thinking and vote out, or in, those whom you think you can trust.

    Obama was able to (in MY opinion) snow the public twice in the last four years, OR the 47% Romney spoke about that everyone jumped on his back for, was just too low a number, and should have been a higher guess.

    It our (Romney supporters)fault, but at least we tried to make a change for the better.

    Instead of throwing accuseations (sp) and guesses about what may, or may not, have happened at some quasi-illegal (what the H_ll is that?), do something about it.

  8. Oh brother- a week later and the whining still continues at full cry.

    No wonder people have turned against the Republican party.

  9. Didn’t Ms. Hill used to work for Mr. Tryon and Ms. Althoff?

    So, if she were to become the chair, it might be like having Tryon back in the position.


    In McHenry County, how many RINOs cross the road and why?

    (Someone must have a funny and telling answer to that one.)

  10. Tina had a long list of people she served as secretary for including Rosemary Kurtz.

    AZ- it wasn’t a Quasi illegal meeting- it was a meeting that showed clear intention to circumvent the open meeting act- which is WORSE than making a mistake- it shows intention to defraud.

    It doesn’t drive distrust but APATHY- it doesn’t really matter how you vote- the same old same old happens.

    Say what you want about the Federal election- your local election- you know the one that Actually impacts your life everyday… those are the elections that matter.

    Republicans in this county talk about smaller government and lower taxes but turn a blind eye to the incestuous relationship of our elected officials- Ken Koehlers son involved in the housing project, Tina Hill working for numerous elected officials, Diane’s husband working in township government, Anna May Miller’s -that is just long to go into….. Hammerand’s wife is a fire trustee, his son works for Grafton Township, Salgado’s father works for the States attorney…. McHenry County Government is the family business……They get their and we get higher taxes and fewer services.

    Just wait until they start cutting community block grants…. so the magical mystery private sector can step in….. you can count on this- it wont be them.

  11. Obviously, “anonymous” knows not why Ms. Hill no longer works for Mr. Tryon and Ms. Althoff.

    I don’t know “how many” but is to “get to the other side” the answer to the question

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