State’s Attorney’s Office Contacting New County Board Members Holding Other Elected Positions

Multiple sources have told McHenry County Blog that the McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s Office is making contact with the three newly-elected members of the County Board to advise them of the conflict of interest that would exist if they did not resign their current posts.

The three and their current positions follow:

  • Carolyn Schofield, Crystal Lake City Council
  • Mike Skala, Huntley District 158 School Board
  • Mike Walkup, Crystal Lake Park District

Mike Skala

Of the three, Walkup has resigned as of midnight Thursday, November 15th.

Schofield has announced her intention to resign.

Skala has said that he does not intend to resign until February.

In the article linked above, you can read  1993 opinion from Attorney General Roland Burris that concludes serving on a school board and a county board at the same time is “incompatible, and one person may not serve simultaneously in both offices.”

Delaying his resignation from the School Board until February would allow the remaining members of the Board to appoint his replacement for the next two years.

Resignation prior to being sworn into the County Board would allow people to run to fill the remaining two years of this term.

Pete Gonigam at First Electric Newspaper has details of Skala’s resignation plans.


State’s Attorney’s Office Contacting New County Board Members Holding Other Elected Positions — 5 Comments

  1. According to the Northwest Herald, Skala contactedcthe states attorney and he intends to resign.

  2. I think it says something about Skala that he was not going to resign until pressured to.

    And what it says is not a good thing.

    There is just this constant desire to accumulate and clutch to power when you are elected to something, it seems, (and that’s not directed solely at Skala).

    That is what makes the contest for County Board chairman something interesting to watch.

    OK, that and maybe somebody slapping the face of the puppetmasters.

    Thanks to those fighting the fight for clean government.

  3. Some will never give up their kingdoms even if they should have long ago.

    If forced to do it publicly, they will just keep the kingdom in tow in the background with some other means like as a consultant.

  4. Erik: Seems he should have checked this out BEFORE running.

    He’s the next Ken Koehler.

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