Sanitary Districts Not at Maximum Rates

The service area of the Northern Moraine Water Reclamation District.

There aren’t many of them–two to be exact–but Sanitary Districts do exist in McHenry County.

Usually, sewage is taken care of by municipalities.

But, sometimes villages don’t have enough money to provide the service and a separate tax district called a Sanitary District is created.

One that started out as the Island Lake Sanitary District is now called the Northern Moraine Water Reclamation District.

The Island Lake officials inaugurated it with a ceremony they delightfully called “The Royal Flush.” It allowed residential growth in the area.

Most of the district’s revenues undoubted come from user fees.

The current Corporate tax rate of just over 3.1 cents per $100 of assessed valuation is no where near the maximum for the fund–16.6 cents.

The other Sanitary District is also well below its maximum 16.6 cent rate. It’s Corporate Fund is at 4.1 cent per hundred.

It’s the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District.

I remember attending its Grand Opening, too, back in the late 1960’s when I was County Treasurer. It was created about 1963.

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