Algonquin Township Republicans Gear Up for a Fight

Only Township Assessor Bob Kunz and Road Commissioner Bob Miller managed to avoid a challenge in the late February Republican Party Primary Election.

Everyone seated at the November Algonquin Township Meeting except for attorney Jim Kelly is running in next February’s Republican Primary Election.

Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm is being challenged by Township Clerk Marc Munaretto.

Two are running for the Clerk

  • current Trustee Linda Lantz and
  • former Trustee Chuck Lutzow

For Trustee there are seven candidates.

Three are currently Trustees:

  • Dan Shea of Fox River Grove
  • Lowell Cutsforth of Fox River Grove
  • Russ Cardell1 of Algonquin

Four are not:

  • Neils Kruse of Cary
  • Melissa Sanchez of Lake in the Hills
  • Larry Emmery of Crystal Lake
  • Bill Bligh of Crystal Lake

Of the Trustee candidates, Shea, Cutsforth, Kurse, Sanchez and Emery are Republican Precinct Committeemen.

Bligh applied to be Associate Judge in 2011.


Algonquin Township Republicans Gear Up for a Fight — 1 Comment

  1. So what gives in Algonquin Township?

    Is Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm really that weak that Township Clerk Marc Munaretto believes he can successfully challenge her re-election?

    Are there echoes of 1998, when then McHenry County Board Chairman Dianne Klemm was ousted from the McHenry County Board by a first-time officeseeker in the Republican primary that year?

    And in Munaretto, you have a seasoned officeholder with both county board (since 1998 until now) and township elective office experience.

    This race could be very interesting to watch.

    And the open clerk’s race between Trustee Linda Lantz and former Trustee Chuck Lutzow.

    In addition to Lutzow’s township trustee experience, he also brings municipal experience as a former alderman in Prospect Heights.

    I wonder if the 4 newcomers running for trustee are all running mates with Munaretto and/or Lutzow.

    Real power politics at play, here.

    It’ll be interesting to watch.

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