Correction: Woodstock’s Frank Wedig NOT Leaving Green Party, but Running for Dorr Township Trustee

Frank Wedig

When I asked who was running for what in Dorr Township, I failed to ask if all the Trustee candidates were running as Republicans.

My mind was so fixated on the Republican primaries in the townships with over 15,000 population that I forgot that the Green Party could hold a primary, too.

That’s because it is an “Established Party” as a result of having received over 5% of the vote when Gus Philpott ran as its candidate for McHenry County Sheriff two years ago.

And, that is exactly what is happening.

Former County Board candidate and Dorr Township Trustee candidate Frank Wedig is running in the Green Party primary for Trustee.

My manual addition of Wedig’s 2012 County Board results shows his getting 2,192 Dorr Township votes.

That’s a lot more than the 837 he received for Township Trustee in 2009.

He lost that race to Joe Evanoff by 158 votes, as you can see lower in this article.

Frank Wedig’s votes for a District 5 County Board seat in November of 2012. He ran as the Green Party candidate.

Compare his support in the high-turnout Presidential Election with the 2009 low-turnout local election. Below are the 2009 results for Dorr Township Trustee:

The results in 2009 when Green Party candidate Frank Wedig ran against four Republicans for Dorr Township Trustee. Click to enlarge.

To put Wedig’s potential regional strength in perspective, you can see the final District 5 County Board results for 2012 below:

The final election results for McHenry County Board in District 5 shows that the Green Party will have “Established Party” status in the next election.

Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett has informed me that Democrats will caucus candidates in Dorr Township.

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