Four-Way Race for Nunda Township Supervisor

John Heisler

Lee Jennings

Bridgett Provenzano

I have given up trying to understand Nunda Township Republican politics.

Township Supervisor John Heisler, a former McHenry County Board member, is being challenged by three people.

Heisler, whose family’s name has been associated with Crystal Lake since his grandfather started a shoe repair shop across from the railroad station in 1908, won his first election in 2001 with a write-in campaign running against Mike Walkup.

So, beating him will be a real challenge.

Usually, the more opponents, the better for the incumbent in a primary election.

Even so, three have lined for the opportunity:

  • Bridgett Provenzano (current Township Clerk and wife of County Board member Nick Provenzano)
  • Kelvin Lee Jennings (current Trustee)
  • Kerry Leigh (Oakwood Hills Trustee)

Don Kopsell

Running for Highway Commissioner are

  • Incumbent Don Kopsell
  • Robert Parrish (Crystal Lake, Supervisor, Geske & Sons Asphalt Paving)
  • Mike Lesperance (Lakemoor, owner of Iron Mike’s Excavating)

For Assessor, no one is challenging incumbent Dennis Jagla.

Two are running for the Clerk’s position, which Provenzano is vacating to run for Supervisor:

  • Angela Koscavage (Community Care Assistant to the Director of Community Care and Equipping with Crystal Lake Willow Creek Community Church)
  • Susan Jennings

For Trustee there are only four candidates for the four positions:

  • Tom Palmer (Crystal Lake, incumbent)
  • Ed Dvorak (Crystal Lake, former Road Commissioner and County Board member)
  • Eddie Gil (Holiday Hills, husband of County Board member-elect Mary McClellan, retired trucking company owner, property investor)
  • Mike Shorten (Crystal Lake,Vice Chairman of the Nunda Township Republican Party)

Bowing out as Trustees are Joni Smith and Jim Schlader.


Four-Way Race for Nunda Township Supervisor — 9 Comments


    Are there kids the next to see in place??

  2. Glad to see some viable candidates to challenge incumbent Road Commissioner, Don Kopsell.

    Road Commissioners like to establish their dynasty and let the public know it’s hands off my piggy bank.

    Could our prayers be answered that there’s a Democrat out there that’ll run against Bob Miller in April?

  3. Why does Mary McClellan’s husband have a different name than her?

  4. So two Jennings and two Provenzano’s on our backs for pensions/benefits?

    And the two new candidates for road supervisor, who are alluding to wrongdoing in the road department, aren’t pointing this out too.

    Beware taxpayers.

  5. Peter Westerfield, please give names re: “Why does Mary McClellan’s husband have a different name than her?”

  6. If Kevin Lee Jennings works for the Lake County Forest Preserves AND Nunda, wouldn’t that be a double dip in the IMRF pension.

    Yikes for Illinois, how many more tax dollars goes to these skeevy politicians.

    en ADD HIS WIFE – are we sure their last name isn’t JACKSON?

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