Tonya Franklin Finds Google Blurring Tea Party Flag at Her Home

Tonya Franklin, the woman who was willing to run against Jack Franks for State Representative as a Republican but was denied that opportunity by the McHenry County Republican Central Committee, sent an interesting photo of her home.

It was taken by one of the Google mapping folks.

Look at it closely and you will see an American Flag.

And, there is another flag next to it that has been deliberately blurred.

It’s a Tea Party Flag.

Note the hiding of Tonya Franklin’s Tea Party Flag by Google.

Draw your own conclusion.

A friend in Chicago found some of his anti-Obama bumper stickers blurred.

Some bumper stickers are blurred, other aren’t.

As if a lot of people look at these pictures.


Tonya Franklin Finds Google Blurring Tea Party Flag at Her Home — 12 Comments

  1. Get over it, the Tea Party dies 11/6/12.

    People are clearly fed up with their extremism and obstructionism!

  2. “And, there is another flag next to it that has been deliberately blurred.”

    Cal, you’re yet again, offering conclusions without evidence.

    Google Maps has built-in algorithms that blur personally identifiable information.

    Often that means the program can misidentify things.

    The notion that someone is sitting in Google HQ sifting through every street in America to remove tea party paraphernalia is nonsense, even by your standards.

  3. It’s censorship and a violation of our freedom of speech.

    Plain and simple.

    ALL Americans should care about this.

  4. Google is not the government.

    And has no responsibilities with regards to reprinting bumper stickers

  5. They also blurred out the license plate.

    Is this a violation of freedom of speech?

    What if this car was parked in front of his mistress’s house?

    Find something worthwhile to get worked up about.

    I’d be more afraid of the information Google is gathering than the information Google is censoring

  6. “I’d be more afraid of the information Google is gathering….” That too.

    Who’s getting worked up? All I did was state my opinion.

  7. It is funny when I hear people say the tea party is dead.

    I know quite a few here and we all voted.

    As I continue to “drill down” into who did and did not vote, you see that fiscal conservatives and libertarians stayed home or voted GJ.

    That’s fine though.

    It is nice to know everyone wants to be “Fiscally Conservative”. believe in “Limited Government”, and wants access to “Free Markets”.

    I just shake my head.

    Anyways – it is a private company and they can do what they wish.

    The important thing to remember is that gmail (google) is liberal in nature – that is all.

  8. Google is a private company- it is not an issue of free speech.
    Decide what side of the rant you are on.
    Google is a company- you have nothing to support your claim they are liberal.
    Get over the damn victim mentality.
    Exactly what liberal agenda do they have with this? And who the hell cares?

  9. Andrew…the last bastion for the TP is McHenry County.

    The rest of the collar counties are moving forward.

    In the 21st Century:

    Most American embrace being fiscal conservative.

    Most Americans believe in the right kind of government.

    And we have never lost our ability to access free markets, and there is no threat on the horizon….except for the narrow minded ideologies of the far right.

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