Women Rule on McHenry County Board Committee Assignments

Tina Hill was smiling as broadly at Play Day as she was today when she became the third woman to chair the McHenry County Board.

After the election of officers, the new McHenry County Board Chairman (woman, what’s she want to be called?) appoints one person from each District to a Committee on Committees.

That’s the committee that recommends who should be put in what slots.

(There are temporary appointments until then in which newly elected members take the position of the person they replaced. For example, new member Carolyn Schofield is the temporary head of the Finance Committee, taking the place of retiring Scott Breeden.)

When Tina Hill announced her Committee on Committees appointments, they were all women.

One of the female county elected officials told me she was saying, “Yes!”

Here are the appointments:

  • District 1 – Anna May Miller
  • District 2 – Donna Kurtz
  • District 3 – Mary McClellan
  • District 4 – Sue Draffkorn
  • District 5 – Paula Yensen
  • District 6 – Mary McCann

All are veteran members, except McClellan.

At Barb Wheeler’s fund raiser for State Rep., Nunda Township Trustee Joni Smith, husband Precinct Committeeman Brent Smith, County Board member Tina Hill, County Board candidate Mary McClellan and her husband Ed.

I learned of McClellan’s support for Hill at Barb Wheeler’s Lake Zurich mid-summer fund raiser.

You will note that Democrat Yensen represents her district on the committee.

At the end of the meeting, when the men learned it was their turn to throw the Christmas Party, it was revealed that Hill and Yensen had chaired last year’s holiday festivities.


Women Rule on McHenry County Board Committee Assignments — 4 Comments

  1. McHenry County is doomed to ineptitude.

    Hill has, in effect, promised all her co- conspiritors to positions of power thereby perpetuating the Koehler legacy.

    All “Backroom Deals” will be feminine in nature.

    Hang on to your wallets ’cause “You aint seen nuttin” yet.

  2. Cal,

    Please, lose this file photo of Tina Hill. Her hair has grown out, as her pic yesterday confirmed.

    An updated photo image of Chairwoman Hill is needed going forward.


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