Crystal Lake Police Find Only One Store Selling Toacco to Underage Customer

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

1st Round of the Tobacco Compliance Checks 2012/2013

On November 29, 2012 Crystal Lake Police Officers conducted the first round of Tobacco Compliance Checks within the City limits. A total of 40 potential businesses that hold valid tobacco licenses were reviewed and 39 of them were found to be in compliance. One business failed the compliance check and was cited for selling tobacco products to an underage minor. The following business was cited:

  • Circle K, 220 E. Virginia Street, Crystal Lake

Operating under a State funded grant, the Illinois Liquor Commission has been the lead agency in developing strategies that reduce illegal tobacco sales to minors. Crystal Lake Police will continue to campaign throughout 2012/2013 in an effort to stop illegal tobacco sales to minors by the implementation and expansion of community-based programs, utilizing retail education, enforcement and public awareness.


Crystal Lake Police Find Only One Store Selling Toacco to Underage Customer — 2 Comments

  1. The State pays vendors 8 months behind schedule yet funds municipalities to determine if retailers are illegally selling cigarettes to minors.

  2. Mark, you are so right.

    Municipalities are a sham.

    They are now the enemy of the very businesses that fund their existence.

    “Serve and Protect”.

    What a joke.

    As kids, we used to make fun of the Soviets……..

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