Easy Ballot Access for Marengo Aldermanic Candidates

Mayor Don Lockhart is up for re-election.

With some contests showing up in Crystal Lake for City Council, I called Marengo to find out about the requirements for getting on the ballot.

For Mayor and Clerk its a minimum of 57 signatures and a maximum of 107, although I was advised that if one were running for Clerk a bit fewer than the 107 might be advisable because fewer people voted for Clerk last time around than for Mayor.

For the Alderman slots, however, you would not believe how few signatures are needed to get on the ballot.

Less than the ten for Precinct Committeeman.

There are four wards and the largest number of signatures required is 6. The ranges can be seen below:

  • Ward 1: 5-55
  • Ward 2: 6-56
  • Ward 3 (on two-year and one four-year term): 4-54
  • Ward 5: 5-55

So, if you hankering to get on the ballot in Marengo, no problem.

You can see the ward map here or below:

Marengo 2013 Ward Map.  C lick to enlarge.

Filing for municipal, park board, rescue squad, fire protection and other local tax districts is from December 17th-26th.

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