Linda Moore Goes to Pam Fender’s Defense

Marty Waitzman

Linda Moore

A press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore:


Grafton Township Supervisor, Linda Moore called on one of her primary opponents to end his challenge to another opponent, Pam Fender. “Mr. Waitzman, I am asking you to have your supporters withdraw their objections to Ms. Fender’s rightful place on the ballot.”

Pam Fender

Brushing aside any doubt as to which candidate is behind the challenge, Supervisor Moore said, “I support Pam’s right to ballot access. It should be the voters, not attorneys that decide who should be the next supervisor.”

“Attorney Waitzman has said repeatedly he will not involve Grafton Township in endless litigation. Then before the race even starts, right before Christmas, he shows his real colors,” said Moore.

“I have looked at the nomination papers. While there are minor mistakes, I believe they are in substantial compliance with the Illinois Election Code.” “Let the people have their say.”

Ms. Moore plans to proceed full speed ahead with her re-election plans.


Linda Moore Goes to Pam Fender’s Defense — 13 Comments

  1. From another comment in a “Waitzman” blog entry:

    “Grafton Township needs a leader that will bring things back to normal.
    We have had four years of someone looking for loopholes.
    This type of move, while legal, can be a harbinger of things to come.
    That’s not a move in the right direction for the residents of Grafton Township.”

    The guy that filed the challenge is too close to Waitzman . . . reported to be the husband of Waitzman’s assistant.

    Actions speak louder than words, Marty.

    Monday night’s hearing is already costing the township money.

    We don’t need another township supervisor candidate that so freely spends OUR money!

  2. Wrong title for this blog.

    “Moore Goes After Waitzman” seems more appropriate.

    Moore mentions Waitzman starting litigation; that’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  3. Let’s face it, the only reason Moore issued this was because she wants those who don’t want her elected to split their votes for Waitzman and Pam.

    God help us if Moore is reelected. Since she the only trustee candidates want nothing to do with her, we would face 4 more years of litigation, and the township would be broke long before her term would be over

  4. It is every citizen’s right to petition their government, including challenging the nominating petitions of someone who would lead it. I do not care if Supervisor candidate Marty Waitzman colluded with Mr. Krohn (the objector), or if the objection is purely coincidental, a citizen felt there were problems with Pam Fender’s petitions, and did the right and legal thing.

    All that said, whether Mr. Krohn will get a fair hearing with the Grafton Township Electoral Board, it is wise he hired an attorney to represent him.

    If the board rules in Ms. Fender’s favor, the attorney can guide the objector if/how to pursue the objection through the circuit court.

    Once again, Ms. Fender has really been exposed as a flawed candidate for the supervisor’s role in Grafton Township.

    First, she makes a grand announcement of her “Peace” slate with her running for supervisor and 4 trustee candidates, including the only incumbent trustee seeking re-election.

    Then come filing day, 3 of the 4 trustee candidates bailed on her (unless they plan to file as independent candidates for the April 9th election), but the slate page was taken down from Fender’s campaign web site.

    And now the petition challenge.

    Fender has been on the ballot twice (2005, 2009) for Huntley village trustee, so this is not the first time she is filling out campaign petition paperwork.

    Concerning how her name appears on the ballot, one time, she had “Pamela J. Fender”, the other time, it was simply “Pam Fender”.

    Given what was filled-out on the campaign paperwork for township supervisor, looks like someone else filled out these forms, and Fender did not do any oversight.

    Again, Fender is exposed as a candidate who does not pay attention to details.

    Consistency is what the electoral board will have to judge this case. General rule, the candidate’s name and other information on the petition must MATCH the Statement of Candidacy.

    If they do not match, the electoral board could toss all of Fender’s paperwork from the ballot, thus denying Fender a spot on the Republican primary ballot.

    And in that case, I do not believe that will be a bad thing for Fender, since all that will do is give Fender the opportunity to run for supervisor as an independent on April 9th, and not as a Republican.

    I have still seen no proof Ms. Fender is a Republican, given the hippie-theme of her candidacy (including the hippie peace symbol).

    For their flaws and shotcomings, both incumbent Linda Moore and primary challenger Waitzman have at least been nominal Republicans in the McHenry County party, where both serve or have served as Republican precinct committeemen, but not Fender.

    Whether it’s in the primary or the April 9th general election, there will still be a 3-way race for supervisor.

    Because there are doubts Fender is truly a Republican, Fender would be better served to let Moore and Waitzman fight it out for the Republican primary (and spend a small fortune to win the nomination), and then Fender and her supporters can take on a weakened nominee, along with presumptive independent Supervisor candidate Jim Kearns (I guess this is the Coyne Station Road bunch’s candidate for supervisor).

    We’ll see, but if I had to vote between Moore, Fender and Waitzman on primary election day, I’d vote for Waitzman.

    Moore has shown she can’t do the job, and Fender has shown me she is incapable of doing the job, too.

    And despite Moore’s pious words to the contrary, I do believe her statement is a tactical move on her part.

    athetic Moore is trying her stunt, but she evidently feels she’s in a win-win here.

    She benefits from a 3-way race, and should Fender get kicked off the ballot (or run as an independent, which would be truth-in-advertising for her), she can make hay out of this objection, too.

  5. I have to laugh here – more trustee henchmen raising more lawsuits, meanwhile…

    Linda is at work.

    Oh, and these people who say Linda doesn’t know how to do her job.

    She is doing absolutely wonderful at pissing off the establishment RINOs and democrats.

    She gets my vote.

  6. On Coming Storm, I totally agree.

    In an attempt to look good and her need for praise, she has shown her narcissistic behavior once again.

  7. Challenges should be legit if signatures are fraudulent or otherwise invalid.

    This is not nearly as bad as the challenge that was filed against Heisler in Nunda by one of his opponents.

    Should he have to go defend hisselve for a stupid challenge while mourning the death of his Mother?

    Afraid of losing?

    Then don’t run.

  8. Campaign of Hatred or Campaign of Reality?

    What are Linda’s qualifications and reasons why voters should consider her for another term. Linda refuses to respond to the candidate thread on HN.

    Marty, we don’t need another elected official so willing to spend taxpayers money on litigation.

  9. Your idea of reality is scary. You definately have a campaign of hatred.

  10. Maybe we understand politics all too well, and we just hate what the term has come to represent

  11. Hate to say this (only because of the handle) but I think Numbskull said it best……

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