Objection Filed Against Nunda Township Supervisor John Heisler’s Petitions

John Heisler

Not only has Grafton Township Supervisor candidate Pam Fender had an objection filed against her petitions, but so has one been filed against Nunda Township Supervisor John Heisler’s.

The objection is that Heisler’s filing is incomplete because he did not attach a receipt from his filing of his Statement of Economic Interest.  This form must be filed by all elected officials or they get removed from office, so Heisler has obviously filed one.  What he apparently did not do is attach a receipt showing that he had filed it.

You can read the objection below. Click to enlarge any image.

If Heisler is kicked off the ballot, that would leave a three-way Republican Primary Election with the following facing off against each other:

  • Bridgett Provenzano (current Township Clerk and wife of County Board member Nick Provenzano)
  • Kelvin Lee Jennings (current Trustee)
  • Kerry Leigh (Oakwood Hills Trustee)

If kicked off the ballot before December 26th, Heisler, like Fender, could run as an Independent.


Objection Filed Against Nunda Township Supervisor John Heisler’s Petitions — 15 Comments

  1. This is really a Provenzano move.

    Typical of his type of politics.

    All while John Heisler is burying his mother today.

    Of course Nick’s wife would have a better chance this way.

    Got to keep the Provenzano’s in the family business.

    By the way, look who notarized it!!

  2. Well I cant seem to find where it was notarized

    I do see where the Nunda Township Clerk marked it as recieved, which is statute for the process of filing an objection.

    But im sure you can tie this objection to the Provenzanos because she was fulfilling her duty as clerk?

    Sounds like someone should just stay out of the political arena and get used to being rejected like he always was and always will.

    Brent Smith seems to have run off with his tail between his legs, which was just a matter of time.

  3. Sorry , it is received.

    This is a Provenzano action using a friends name.

    John could blow the others out of the water and Bridget has the most name recognition, so this would work well for her.

  4. how can you connect this to the provenzanos I still cant understand it unless you know something that we dont.

    hich is highly unlikely considering you had trouble simply reading the information

  5. At least when I did this to John I had the guts to put it in my own name.

    He then beat me fair and square on a write in.

  6. Illinois – Land of Stupid Laws.

    Like stapling a receipt to a form.

    Why not just require that a form be filed.

    What’s with the kindergarten requirement of stapling the receipt to a form.

    Same with numbering pages.

    If they were mailed, it’s a wonder there is not a demand that the left hand be used to pull the door on the mailbox.

  7. Gus: Believe it or not there is a reason for these rules.

    You need to file the receipt because the Statement of Economic Interests is filed with another government body so the township clerk and anyone else shouldn’t have to go looking for it.

    The pages have to be numbered consecutively so no one can slip something in later, and so that objections can be filed which need to be able to reference a page and line number of any signature objected to.

    John’s petitions were thrown out ten years ago because he didn’t number the pages.

  8. Totally a kopsell/ jennings move here, kopsell would go to the pits of hell to ruin john heisler.

    the lawsuit now this, what a shame.

  9. Peter, it appears that many know what you do not.

    You may not think me very bright, that is your right, however, I along with others know who is doing what.

  10. well combine watcher, why dont you use your real name like the rest of us, i commend mike walkup for using his name, you can always count on him to give his opinion, especially when its not solicited

  11. Cal – I have been working for Township Supervisor John Heisler for 12 years.

    This man is honest and his work for the Township has always been for the better of the residents.

    This suit to take him off the ballot is definitely a Provenzano/Kopsell/Jennings/Palmer tactic.

    Bridgett will not win the election if John Heisler is on the ballot.

    Too many people know of all the good he has done for the Township.

    This is a shame that these people have not thought of a family going through the loss of their mother at this time.

    They did this after the death of his father, oh yah he won as a write in at that time!

    Drop the suit and and actually see who the people want as their Township Supervisor!

    An honest man, who knows what to do for the Township, or people who do not even know the first thing about running the Nunda Township Offices!

  12. Wendy, DITTO.

    When one is fired from a WalMart job, where does one go from there??

    A government job???

  13. I hate these cheesy ways to avoid offering the people a real choice….these objections are house keeping issues….John could get all the signers he wants…he has proven that…I won’t look at the petitions of my opponents and request my supporters follow suit….Oh, they should be reviewed ….but not by me or on my behalf… not a way to improve chances to win.

    Win because you are the best choice not because you have studied Niccolo…..

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