Pamela J. “Pam” Fender Stays on the GOP Ballot

The Grafton Township Electoral Board consisted of Clerk Harriet Ford and Trustees Barbara Murphy and Betty Zirk. To the right is Ancel Glink attorney Adam Lasker.

In a completely scripted performance lasting just ten minutes,

  •  petition challenger Wrayburn Krohn’s attorney, Judith Svensen, withdrew her client’s objection,
  • the Grafton Township Electoral Board accepted the withdrawal and
  • ruled unanimously that Pam J. “Pam” Fender would appear on the Republican primary ballot on February 26, 2013

The objection had been based primarily on Fender’s have put two names in the box where the candidate’s name appeared, plus having noted the election was on Feb. 26, 2012, rather than 2013.

Electoral Board Chairwoman Barbara Murphy got over the first problem by announcing Fender’s name would read, Pamela J ‘Pam’ Fender.”

Objector’s attorney Judith Svensen was up and down so fast that by the time I took this photo, the action had moved to Pam Fender, seen holding up her hand.

The incorrect date was ignored since the objection was withdrawn.

Fender sat next to her attorney Jim Kelly, whom she announced soon after declaring her candidacy would be running on her “peace” slate for township trustee.  Kelly did not file for that office.

Besides Murphy, the other members of the Electoral Board were Clerk Harriet Ford and Trustee Betty Zirk.  Both Murphy and Zirk voted to install Fender as Township Administrator without advertising the opening.

Watching the proceedings were primary opponents Martin Waitzman and Linda Moore.

Attorney for the Electoral Board was Adam Lasker of Ancel Glink.


Pamela J. “Pam” Fender Stays on the GOP Ballot — 12 Comments

  1. A costly hearing in a public place.

    Lawyers on the clock.

    A gander of Martin Waitzman’s MO before the election.


    Thank you Marty.

  2. Three lawyers on the clock, one not, guess who?

    Waitzman who wants to be on the clock for four years.

  3. Ancel Glink would fold if it weren’t for Grafton.

    How objective was that whole hearing group?

  4. Marty may not have had anything to do with the objection.

    He may have known about it, but that doesn’t mean that he started the process.

    Obviously the Krohns support his name on the ballot, but perhaps they did this to try and help him on their own.

    Unless Marty confirms or denies his knowledge or participation in the protest, then I will just assume it was a protest for protestings sake.

    I am surprised no one latched onto Zielinski and his “Homestead Exemption” in another township though.

    Had I known no one was going to challenge it, I would have considered doing so myself!

    Good luck to all, well most of the candidates anyway.

    Let the community wooing begin.

  5. It takes a special kind of wuss to initiate the challenge and then fold and withdraw just as the hearing starts.

    Thanks for wasting everyone’s time and for wasting the taxpayers money.

  6. LLL

    Perhaps Marty asked him to withdraw based on Lindas public plea in the papers?

    I have no idea who Krohn is but to call him names???

    He has the right to challenge the petition.

    He has the right to withdraw it as well.

    Be glad it is over, and that Pam still gets to run on the Republican ballot.

    Either way the real winner last night was Linda.

  7. Thanks storm…just proves my point that Marty appears to be playing by the rules.

  8. Why wasn’t the meeting cancelled when Martin decided to withdraw his objection?

    I guess it was more important to make sure his fellows lawyers had something to bill for.

  9. It was not Martins objection.

    He didn’t submit it, and he could not lift it.

    Read his respons that Storm posted above.

    Even if they told the board they wanted to cancel it, the Electoral Board would need to cancel it, not the person that filed.

  10. Seriously???

    It seems at least one person understands how all this works.

    Thank you.

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