Heisler Petition Challenge Hearing Postponed

Palmer, Tom looking left

Tom Palmer

John Heisler

John Heisler

Chairman of the Nunda Township Electoral Board Tom Palmer advises me that the challenge to Supervisor John Heisler’s petition for re-election has been postponed until 1 PM, Wednesday, December 19th, at the Nunda Township Hall.

“At the electoral board hearing, we approved a standard set of rules, entered documents as official exhibits, and continued the hearing…,” Palmer emailed me.

If Heisler is removed from the Republican primary ballot, three candidates will remain:

  • Bridgett Provenzano (current Township Clerk and wife of County Board member Nick Provenzano)
  • Kelvin Lee Jennings (current Trustee)
  • Kerry Leigh (Oakwood Hills Trustee)

It is unknown whether Heisler would run as a Independent if he were denied the opportunity to run as a Republican. He won his first race in a write-in campaign.


Heisler Petition Challenge Hearing Postponed — 3 Comments

  1. This s a good man.

    I hope for everyone’s sake he runs as and independent.

    We need you, John.

  2. the chemistry between heisler and the office staff was irreplaceable i really hope he challenges the challenge

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