Linda Moore Distributes Campaign Piece

With two months to go until the three-way Republican primary election for Grafton Township Supervisor, incumbent Linda Moore has released this campaign piece:

Moore letterhead


December 20, 2012

Part 1

Politics are rough enough, but get even worse when information is getting misstated or twisted by others. It is time to address the misinformation.

I ran for election in 2009, and started a citizen initiative to seek an injunction stopping the construction of a costly ($3.5 million, plus int.) and unneeded new town hall. The township board’s then current effort for this township hall was not lawfully entered into; and a judge granted an injunction stopping the illegal acts a month before I took office (*1).

Three of the four incumbent trustees were re-elected, and I was elected Supervisor. The three returning trustees were quite upset(*2). Those same trustees made many efforts to remove me from my elected position as the new Township Supervisor, and without legal authority hired my current opponent, Pam Fender early in 2010 (*3).

She immediately began taking over my duties, changing the locks on the office and passwords on the computers, answering my phone calls, and generally making it impossible for me to carry out the duties for which I was duly elected and sworn to fulfill, effectively stripping me of many powers(*4). Their goal was to accuse me of being guilty of failure to perform my duties, and to use her as a witness(*5).

The only recourse available to resolve the dilemma was to file suit against the trustees.

The court found in my favor, acting in the best interest of Grafton Township taxpayers. On December 10th, 2010, in a 37 page court order, a second court injunction ended the services of my adversary and the township attorney. This enabled me to return to the office and properly conduct Grafton Township business.

Recent legal bills incurred by the trustees average $8,777 monthly, totaling $70,216 for the last 8 months(*6). All court rulings adverse to the trustees are routinely appealed.

I do not have the authority to prevent the trustees’ actions or determine the propriety or reasonableness of their legal bills, only the ministerial duty to pay them after approval by these trustees(*10).

Due to my need to protect and defend the township, a small part of the legal bills are attributed to my office. These trustees wasted not only a half-million dollars (*7)of taxpayer funds on their illegal efforts to build a new town hall, but they have also spent another half-million dollars in their attempt to illegally remove me from office(*8).

I am also being attacked personally. During my term of office, my adversaries have contacted my family members and interfered in my life during the last the last 3 years for political and malicious gain. They have cost my family tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills and interfered in the care of some ill family members.

Despite this, my work and my commitment to Grafton Township residents to save tax dollars is not complete. We need to remain on duty and vigilant to stop any efforts to build a new town hall. My track record is evidence of that commitment, and more work must be done to ensure we win this fight.

A new building wasn’t needed in 2009 and it is not needed today or tomorrow. The existing building is sound, fully functional and quite adequate in size.

We don’t need distractions, distortions or deceptions when it comes to township business. The real issue is that Grafton Township could do its job for a lot less money. We need to reduce your taxes.I am the only board member to vote consistently against increasing taxes(*9). I plan to lower taxes for the next four years, and continue working hard to prevent wasteful spending.

With your support, I will win re-election in the township primary February 26, 2013.


Grafton Township Supervisor
1-847-630-6325 cell

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Paid for by the committee to Elect Linda Moore


Linda Moore Distributes Campaign Piece — 15 Comments

  1. Wow, Cal, I know you love alternate history novels… I assume this is an excerpt from the latest one you are reading?

    How does Linda think she is going to lower taxes?

    She has accomplished this SO well during this term (not).

    She seems to be the only one talking about a new Town Hall now-a-days.

    As for failure to do her duties?

    I find it very interesting that she refuses to allow the Forensicon report to be made public, and is dead set against a forensic audit of the books.

    If transparency is so important to her, why is she so dead set against these items?

    What is she trying to hide?

    I also find it interesting that, as a resident and tax-payer of Grafton, the only way I hear anything about what Linda has to say is by reading your blog.

    Does she represent EVERYONE in the township, or just the residents of Sun City?

  2. Your honesty and truefulness is enlightning Linda seeing what you are up against.

    These people and their backers will not listen to the truth.

    They and the one running against you are still sore at losing their new playpen.

    If the grafton township voters would only see thru the lies about you on the blogs and Huntley neighbors they would realize you are the one thinking about Grafton Township not crying and taking their bat and ball home.

    Your opponent would instantly push for a new hall and falsely try to make the taxpayers believe it is needed, IT IS NOT NEEDED.

    It is too bad that all of the trustees will not be replaced at the next election.

    That would put Grafton Township on the road to healing itself.

  3. The ONLY people who still bring up the “building” are LINDA supporters!!

    That horse has been beaten to death!!

    Get over it.

    I believe the favorite term is “Taj Mahal”. LOL

    Linda, the only way that this township will be able to save money is when you are gone along with all of your lawsuits!!

    When the election is over, and you are NOT re-elected, I wouldn’t be surprised if you sue someone because you didn’t win. LOL

  4. “Carryover Trustees?”

    Trustee Gerald McMahon ran alongside Linda Moore. They were elected at the same time. How can McMahon be a “carryover?”


    1. Moore has significantly overstated legal costs. Total cost is near $500K; not $1M.

    2. Financial statements that do not balance month-to-month.

    3. Monthly Accounting Journal Entries that are completed with error.

    4. Inability to use a calculator for basic computations. Multiple Errors Occurred on recent Recent Tax Levy submitted to Trustees.

    5. Refusal to produce actual cancelled checks since elected. Instructing the bank officer to ignore requests from Trustees for banking details.

    6. Instructing Partners of Audit Firms NOT to answer questions From Trustees whose responsibilities include financials; whose official title prior to Trustees were town Auditors.

    7. Refusal/Inability to produce details behind financial questions by Trustees during monthly meetings.

    8. Using GA funds for Township Activities. Illegal misappropriations of funds.

    9. Refusing to pay for services of the Assessor and Road District after the board approves 100%, after confirming adequate funds were within related budgets and adequate business justifications were completed. Thereby forced both Assessor and Road District to incur legal fees to take Moore to Court.

    10. Continuing monthly excessive spending causing monthly overbudget results; ignoring Board’s 100% requests to stop such spending.

    11. Producing Board Packets that were for many months late in delivery to the Trustees; board packets that did not contain all requested information by the Trustees; providing financial statements within board packets that were inaccurate and non-complete.

  6. I see this is only Part 1, I can’t wait to read the rest.

    In your next press release, I hope that you will provide backup information for the following:

    1. Complete figures for the amount of taxpayer money you have spent on lawyers.

    2. A reason for accusing your adversaries of getting involved in your personal life without providing direct proof. I feel this is poor judgement on your part and you are only trying to stir the pot.

    3. Provide us with information on how you plan to lower our taxes.

    4. Let us know how you plan an reducing what you call wasteful spending.

    5. Clue us in on who is planning a new town hall and why you feel this is still an issue.

    I’m looking for a leader to fill the supervisor position. Someone that has new fresh ideas, that can bring our community together. One clear fact is that you can’t change something that’s in the past. Until someone invents a time machine, there is no way to undo or redo something. But there is a way to change the impact that the past has on your present. Please let us know what your intentions are for the future and leave the past where it belongs.

  7. Linda’s still yammering on about “the building.” That’s Chicken Little’s re-election mantra, and a funny one.

    Thanks to Linda, Grafton will be lucky to have money to pay their current bills come springtime. Money for a new building? Never in our lifetime!

  8. Actually, I think Linda’s already found ways to reduce spending. Here’s my David Letterman-esque “Top 10 List of Linda Moore’s Efforts to Reduce Township Spending”.

    1. refuse to pay approved bills.

    2. alienate vendors – they’ll never do business here again.

    3. do a half-a$$ed job so the trustees will lower the supervisor’s salary for the next four years.

    4. refuse to sign paychecks and/or trustee stipends.

    5. produce partial election packets (reduce paper costs).

    6. send township mailings to select community members (Sun City), not all and include campaign literature (double efficiency there!).

    7. leave seniors stranded without transportation reduces wear & tear on bus and reduces gas usage.

    8. after kicking the Grafton Food Pantry to the curb, invite them back so someone else can share utilities.

    9. speaking of utilities, minimal heat in winter, and minimal A/C in summer.
    10. buy a new energy efficient sound system for the annual town hall meeting.

  9. #11 – BONUS: Have no accomplishments during one’s term in office means there’s less stuff to print and send to those select residents (less paper, less ink, less postage and reduced fuel costs).

  10. I’m not sure about anyone else, but just how much savings are we talking?

    The township collects around $50 annually from me, which for these last three years has gone toward lining the pockets of her hired stable of litigators.

    I don’t mind the money the the township takes for the entire year, I just don’t want it in some lawyer’s pockets.

    How about you reduce THAT Linda: stay out of the DAMNED litigation business!

    If you truly have the “courage for change”, then CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR!

    And by the way, the Taj Mahal is a mausoleum, not a public governmental office building.


  11. GEEWIZ, Are you speaking about the faceless wonder? A lot of noise but you can’t see where it is coming from. What is antonios major malfunction?

  12. A NoMoore Glossy Newsletter should soon be processed and distributed throughout Sun City. Strategic Timing.

  13. Then if you don’t want your money in a lawyers pocket, you sure don’t want Waitzman.

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