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Every year state law requires the posting of salaries and fringe benefits exceeding $75,000 for those employees under the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. McHenry County has done more than that. It has posted the compensation of all employees.  The final column represents total compensation.  It does not include overtime.
Mc Da-Dr salary 12Mc Da-Dr salary 12 total
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McHenry County Salaries – Da-Dr — 5 Comments

  1. $30,088.86 Total
    $20,143.50 Budgeted Salary
    $ 9,945.36 – Difference (49.4%)

    How does a laundry worker get 49.4% worth of fringe benefits on a $20,143.50 salary? Does “Total” include overtime as well as fringe benefits?

    Look at some of those percentage differences between Budgeted Salary and Total! If a big part of that is overtime, why isn’t some management sharpie doing his job to eliminate overtime (time-and-a-half; worse on some holidays)?

  2. Why are all these people making 10,000 plus what is budgeted.
    This is why are taxes are do high.

  3. Since there is not a separate column for overtime in the document from which I pulled the data above, I assume any overtime is in the “budgeted salary” column.
    = = = = =
    I have talked to County Administrator Peter Austin and he informs me that overtime is not included in the “Total” column.

    The total column represents “Total Compensation.” I suggested the column be relabeled to reflect that.

  4. That has been one of the overwhelming issues of our budget- the budget has over a million dollars of overtime BUDGETED- meaning you anticipate that amount.

  5. M maule then confirm that the difference from budgeted and total is what these people earned by working overtime.

    I already know that all that money is overtime.

    Why are people making more then 1,000 per month in overtime?

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