Rob Parrish Running for Nunda Township Road Commissioner

Parrish, Rob head shotA last name I’ve known since high school days is running for Nunda Township Road Commissioner against incumbent Don Kopsell and Mike Lesperance. Below is Rob Parrish’s announcement press release:

Rob Parrish announces candidacy for Nunda Township Highway Commissioner

Crystal Lake – After working more than 30 years in McHenry County as a successful paving and snow removal contractor, Rob Parrish announces his Republican candidacy for the office of Nunda Township Highway Commissioner.

With the goal of bringing

  • fiscal responsibility,
  • effective leadership, and
  • professional collaboration

to the township office, Rob Parrish is committed to

  • eliminating wasteful spending, and
  • creating strategic plans

for the

  • road maintenance,
  • snow removal, and
  • capital expenditures

that will benefit all of Nunda Township.

Rob Parrish runs asphalt paying machine.  He supervised the crew that repaved Lakewood's South Shore Drive from Gate 3 to Gate 11.

Rob Parrish runs asphalt paying machine. He supervised the crew that repaved Lakewood’s South Shore Drive from Gate 3 to Gate 11.

As Commissioner, Rob will advocate for

  • transparency,
  • communication, and
  • integrity

in the office, with a special emphasis on restoring unity among the leadership of Nunda.

Rob Parrish has this symbol for his campaign.  All that is missing is his name.

Rob Parrish has this catchy symbol for his campaign. All that is missing is his name.

Through existing intergovernmental agreements, Rob will extend help to fellow Nunda township cities and villages faced with the same challenges of declining revenues.

With the proposed freeze on the tax levy, all municipalities will need to work together to maximize the utility of the fixed budgeted monies.

For more information about Rob Parrish’s campaign for Nunda Township Highway Commissioner visit or email him at Contact Rob Parrish by phone at 815-378-4459.

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If you are a candidate for office in McHenry County and wonder why Parrish got this information where it can be found on the internet, the answer is simple.  He sent it to me.

If you would like to share your background and what you want to do, if you win the office you seek, or, if an incumbent, you would like to share your accomplishments with readers, send me a press release.  Photos are appreciated.  They draw eyes to the story.

Over 5,000 people came searching for information on McHenry County Blog in November the day before people went to the polls.


Rob Parrish Running for Nunda Township Road Commissioner — 7 Comments

  1. Mr. Parrish’s goals and credentials are what’s needed in township government.

    Does he have a twin that lives in Algonquin Township?

    P.S. The Parrish company has been a very reputable company for generations.

    What better references could we have!

  2. I wish this guy had a clone. Alg. Twp. needs someone like this.

    Readers, GET OUT AND VOTE.

    I believe this election is in Feb.

    This blog will keep you posted.

    Township elections are very important and have a serious effect on our lives.

    The voter turnout is terrible.

    Do research.

    Townships cost us BIG BUCKS and no one is watching.
    My motto: if you do not vote, do not complain.

  3. Anonymous said the Parrish company has been “a very reputable company.” He should have mentioned that Parrish Paving has gone out of business and Rob now works for Geske & Sons.

  4. Don’t make road district changes during this economic downturn. We get excellent service from the road district and should keep the people whose record of service we know and can rely on.

  5. Just listened to the videos done the candidates’ meeting for Nunda road commissioner.

    Parris is great!

    That is, he’s great with unnuendo, allusion to wrondoing that didn’t happen, and he certainly Knows-It-All regarding purchasing and maintenance that is being done better right now than would be under his plan.

    For instance, wasing and waxing after every use rather than just washing off salt.

    I’d love to go over his company records regarding purchase/maintenance/sale of his vehicles.

    Lesperance, regarding purchase of equipment, mentioned getting in touch with people he knows to get the best deal, but didn’t he and Parrish both specifically talk about the issue of open bids?

    Guess when the pressure’s on they can do without that.

    Don’t think Lesperance is paying residential property tax in Nunda, if someone knows he is, please clarify that issue.

    Elect Kopsell, keep Nunda roads safe and retain the knowledge of a proven and experienced road commissioner.

  6. LagTime, their answers definitely proved they had no idea what they were talking about. Crystal Springs Road?

    That’s Bull Valley Mr. Parrish!

    He wants to reduce taxes and spend more wisely but waste it outside Nunda Township.

    He really should listen to himself talk before he speaks.

    They were all about OSHA regulations and drug tests.

    It’s already being done, since it’s the law.

    In order to have a CDL, you have to pass a drug test.

    Iron Mike wouldn’t know how to regulate OSHA. He got a man buried alive back in 1991!

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