McHenry County Chief Judge Michael Sullivan Appoints Maureen McIntyre to Hear Daley Nephew “Heater” Case

The waiting is over for those wanting to know who will preside over the trial of Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko, the Richard M. Daley nephew who decked David Koschman in a 2004 sidewalk fight from which the much smaller man did not recover.

Judge Michael Sullivan

Judge Michael Sullivan

The case went underinvestigated…except by Chicago Sun-Times reporters Chris Fusco and Tim Novak.

Last year Special Prosecutor Dan Webb was empowered by Cook County Judge Michael P. Toomin to conduct an official investigation.

Under his leadership a Cook County Grand Jury indicted Vanecko for involuntary manslaughter.

When the Cook County judge selected for the trail turned out to have connections with Vanecko’s uncle, Richard M. Daley, Chicago media turned up the heat.

Cook County Chief Circuit Judge Timothy Evans, a former Chicago Alderman, finally caved to the pressure and, citing a need to maintain “public confidence in the administration of justice,” asked the Illinois Supreme Court to find a judge outside of Cook County.

The Illinois Supreme Court threw the ball into the Circuit Court of McHenry County, where Judge Michael J. Sullivan pondered and conferred over the holidays and today appointed Maureen P. McIntyre to hear the case. McIntyre is now assigned to Juvenile Court.

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Potential political implications here.


McHenry County Chief Judge Michael Sullivan Appoints Maureen McIntyre to Hear Daley Nephew “Heater” Case — 6 Comments

  1. Those Chicago lawyers will have met their match….good job Judge Sullivan!!

  2. Fred, are you thinking of Prather?

    McIntire is no old bird and a good judge.

  3. I had a feeling Judge McIntyre might be the choice; she’s thorough, independent, and isn’t intimidated by the assignment. Congratulations Judges Sullivan and McIntyre.

    Will Judge McIntyre travel to Chicago to hear this case?

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