Did Joe Walsh Separate Himself from Dan Rutherford on Gay Rights?

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh

Listening to the radio mid-day yesterday, I heard a story about just-out-of office Congressman Joe Walsh coming out against gay marriage at a Tea Party meeting he addressed.

He also expressed support for the Second Amendment and repealing the Democrats 67% state income tax hike.

(That income tax hike, by the way, might be noticed for the first time by Illinois taxpayers in their next pay checks.  That’s because when it went into affect two years ago, it did so at the same time that the Feds cut Social Security tax by the same number of percentage points.  That cut existed until the Fiscal Cliff tax hike legislation passed.)

Dan Rutherford courting votes in Crystal Lake.

Dan Rutherford.

All the potential Democratic Party candidates, I would imagine, are on the opposite side of these three incendiary issues.

Add in abortion and Walsh and Pat Quinn (or whoever) would have four differences on cutting edge issues, economic and social.

So why is the media paying any attention (see the Daily Herald, Crain’s Chicago Business) to a politician that liberals wished were completely washed up?

In spite of being number one on the Democrat’s hit list.

It’s because Joe Walsh can still draw a crowd.

A hundred showed up Thursday night in Arlington Heights to hear him.

But, before getting the chance to face off against a Democrat, Walsh would have to win a Republican primary election in 2014.

There is one Republican who voted for civil unions while State Senator.

Not gay marriage, granted, but close.

He’s State Treasurer and former State Rep. and Senator Dan Rutherford.

The evidence is below:

As one can see State Senator Dan Rutherford voted, "Yes"," on the civil union roll call.

As one can see State Senator Dan Rutherford voted, “Yes”,” on the civil union roll call.

Might Joe Walsh be positioning himself for a race against Dan Rutherford for the GOP nomination for Governor?

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