Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore Follows Algonquin Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm’s Example in Attempt to Lower 2013 Tax Bill

A press release from Linda Moore:

Grafton Township Clerk Harriet Ford Fails to Include Supervisor’s Agenda Item to Propose Tax Cutting Resolution

Linda Moore

Linda Moore

At the December meeting of the Grafton Township Board, Supervisor Linda Moore proposed keeping taxes constant, but Trustees LaPorta, Murphy and Zirk voted in the maximum taxes without a public hearing.

In order for a local government to collect about the same as last year, its levy must be pretty close to the amount collected last year. That figure is called the “extension.”

Because there is some growth, a tax district could actually raise its levy a (the county assessor says about one-quarter of one percent for the county as a whole) tiny bit without raising bills on last year’s taxpayers.

Last year the extension for the combination of the Grafton Town Fund and the General Assistance Fund was $1,070,637.

The levy passed in December for this coming year was $1,102,142.00.

So, unless something is done quickly, Grafton Township taxpayers will have to come up with an extra $31,505 more.

Now, the Grafton Township Board of Trustees has been denied a second chance as a result of the Clerk Harriet Ford.

Supervisor Linda Moore requested the following item on Thursday’s agenda posted by the Clerk:

Resolution to authorize the Supervisor to amend the Levy to last year’s extension.

As I understand the process, there is a short window of opportunity after the County Clerk’s Office decides what the tax rate will be and how much taxes will be extracted from taxpayers’ pockets.

In that perhaps less than a week’s time frame, a district may make a last minute change.

For these reasons, Supervisor Linda Moore has posted a separate agenda. This agenda will give Trustees Zirk, LaPorta, McMahon and Murphy another opportunity to adopt last year’s taxes to match the amount received last year.

If a resolution authorizes the Township Supervisor Moore to lower the levy to last year’s extension (pretty much the amount collected), Grafton Township taxpayers could actually have seen a small tax cut because the amount to be collected would be shared by not only the taxpayers of last year, but the new taxpayers of this year.

The meeting will start at 7:30 pm at the Huntley Park District.

It is my understanding every tax district could make such last minute changes.

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The story about what Dianne Klemm is doing can be found here.


Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore Follows Algonquin Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm’s Example in Attempt to Lower 2013 Tax Bill — 25 Comments

  1. LOL Linda. Is this another last minute effort to try to fool the taxpayers that you actually want to do something good for this township?

    You are something else!

  2. Who provided the numbers to the trustees concerning the levy?

    If I am not mistaken, isn’t it the duty of the Supervisor to provide the correct information to the trustees for them to decide on the value of the levy?

    Did Linda provide the correct information, or did she give the wrong value, just like she did a year ago?

    Is this just another attempt by Linda to shift the blame for her own ineptitude to someone else?

    I’d like to know the truth.

  3. Moore delivered numbers with errors to the Trustees at the last meeting; who had to re-calculate, correct, and re-submit to the clerk.

    Another example of Moore’s incompetence.

    Check the video, check the minutes, ask the Trustees and Clerk, and Highway Commissioner’s assistant who participated with the recalculations.

    If the numbers are lowered, it will put a financial risk to the Highway department, which will result in a higher cost to the taxpayers. The slight increase will have minimal impact to each taxpayer. Ask the Assessor during Thursday’s meeting as proof.

  4. The numbers in the draft levy were last year’s levy. The draft document included a note that the final settlement regarding the extension for 2012 was not yet available. The figures the trustees used were based on a projected extension, not final figures.

    No numbers were incorrect, the trustees just decided to use different numbers to base the increase on.

    The trustees adopted a 4% increase for the town fund and a 4.99% increase for the road district.

    The motor fuel tax is calculated on the miles of road not the need to maximize the road district levy.

    I would appreciate it if a trustee is posting that they post as themselves out of courtesy to those who they represent.

  5. Will this posting be added to Linda’s list of “accomplishments” too?

    I expect we’ll also see more important actions such as “refilled stapler”, “wiped shoes” and “imitated brick wall at township meetings” before long.

  6. Moore stated: “No numbers were incorrect, the trustees just decided to use different numbers to base the increase on”.


    When asking any of the board members, except for Moore, they will state that the numbers Moore delivered to the Trustees were incorrect.

  7. I must admit, Linda Moore has grown very tiresome with this constant need to rewrite history. Regrettably, it’s time for her to go. She has shown she knows how to say the right things as far as conservative principles go, but she clearly does not know how to govern with them. Not releasing the trustees from their responsibility in the Grafton mess, but Moore has shown she does not know how to govern.

    As for Pam Fender, I have always doubted she is truly a Republican, though she is running for Supervisor as a Republican in next month’s primary. I strongly encouraged her, through comments, to run as an independent, but she chose to be a “Republican”.

    Well, the proof Fender is really NOT a Republican is on her Facebook page, and has been there for over 2 months. Time for this lapse in her judgement to be public and spread across all Grafton, especially for Republican primary voters. Please tell me what you see in the cut & pasted Facebook page below:

    Pam Fender Campaign Committee
    November 6, 2012.

    For those of you who don’t really know me- IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO VOTE TODAY or to have already voted. Vital. And I don’t just mean for President- local races count a lot!!! McHenry County Board:Skala/Hill/Jung/Yensen. Vote NO on as many of the ballot “questions” as possible. Thank you, you are now “off the hook” until Feb. 26 2013

    Did I read that right? Fender openly backed DEMOCRAT Paula Yensen over REPUBLICAN Michael Rein in the November 6th General Election for McHenry County Board District #5? I really do wonder if she voted for President Obama for President!

    Ms. Fender, you should have taken my advice, and run as an independent for Grafton Township Supervisor! You are NO Republican, and your open support for a Democrat county board member over the Republican ticket disqualifies you for the Republican nomination for anything.

    That leaves only Marty Waitzman as the only viable Republican candidate for Grafton Township supervisor. Hope he wins next month’s primary.

  8. LL The ordinance was drafted per the trustees request for a 4% increase, I alone voted against the increase.

  9. Hmm, Moore is trying to follow footstep of other township towards decreasing taxes –
    the other township that Klemm represents DID NOT increase as high in population and construction growth as Grafton Township DID thereby not comparing apples-to-apples. In fact, Grafton’s growth was one of the highest, if not the highest in Illinois; Klemm’s township was not.

    Another example of Moore NOT understanding how to do the supervisor job and putting the Grafton Taxpayers at service risk.

    IF the Trustees agreed to not submit the SMALL tax request they did, they would put the Road District at high risk of not receiving their required revenues, thereby would put the taxpayers at HIGH risk of NOT being served by the road district in 2013-14 and would put the Main Fund at HIGH Risk of NOT receiving the amount required for it’s growth from the State.

  10. Linda: where do you stand on paying more money to lawyers to skirt payment of a valid township bill (greater cost) rather than just paying the bill (lesser cost)?

    And why don’t you list “skirt bill payment” on your list of supposed accomplishments?

    Where do you stand on sidestepping the hard questions with something more than finger-pointing blame at anyone other than yourself?

  11. Still asking, where do my opponents stand on the ever increasing taxes this township keeps voting in 4 to 1?

    Their silence speaks volumes.

  12. From FEN:

    EVERY recent court date that MOORE showed up, her questionable ethics attorney, NELSON, has walked in LATE to the court session and REQUESTED THE COURT DATE BE MOVED PER HIS LACK OF TIME TO ADEQUATELY PREPARE!

    And the Judge let’s NELSON PLAY HIS STALLING Game, to move judgement until after elections. This repeatable stalling game COSTS TAXPAYER MONEY!

    So Taxpayers – you want someone with such lack of ethics and such lack of care of legal costs to continue as Supervisor?

  13. Of course the guy isn’t prepared — he’s too busy milking money in the Zane Seipler case.

    Just look at all that legal mumbo-jumbo posted on this site.

    And everytime we see Nelson’s pic, he’s smiling!

    Why, you ask?? Obviously, he’s working for whales that are bleeding cash. Cha-ching!

    Why pay a one-time, low cost bill when you can repeatedly pay a high priced attorney?

  14. “Still asking, where do my opponents stand on the ever increasing taxes this township keeps voting in 4 to 1?

    Their silence speaks volumes.”

    First of all, the votes are ALWAYS 4-1. YOU being the 1 ALWAYS!!!!!

    Second, just because they don’t respond to your question on a BLOG doesn’t mean that any volume is being spoken.

  15. Linda, Will you be participating in the Grafton Township Supervisors debate at Sun City?

  16. If Moore does show up to the debate; she should be challenged to be hooked up to a lie detecting machine!

  17. From FEN 2:

    Moore’s attorney pulled another delay tactic today; requesting that Forensic Audit request by Trustees be denied. The decision was scheduled for today but pushed off to 2/14/13! And the Judge allowed Nelson to play the delay game once again!

    Odds are that come 2/14, Moore’s attorney, Nelson will push out again so that decision is not made until after election. And the Judge will so allow….

    Thereby the Forensic Audit that Every Grafton Board Member approved except for Moore will be delayed until after the election. Hmm.

    Did ya know that the SAME Forensic Audit firm just completed an Audit for Nunda; whose Supervisor just resigned for family issues. And Moore is friends with that Supervisor. Hopefully, it was only for family reasons that he resigned.

  18. Still asking “Linda, Will you be participating in the Grafton Township Supervisors debate at Sun City?”

    Your silence speaks volumes.

  19. “Those candidates WHO PARTICIPATE (in the debate) will be illustrating their abilities and ideas towards future local governmental leadership.

    Those that DON’T SHOW UP are possibly showing their INABILITY to answer questions and/or their lack of talents to hold the job.”

  20. Linda blocking the Release of the Forensicon report till AFTER the election is a small victory for Linda.

    Voters needed to see the report BEFORE the election.

    She is spending lots of our money to keep the report from the eyes of the public.



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