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  1. If all cars sounded like Harley’s, oh what a wonderful world this would be!!

    Im talking about stock Harley pipes for cars…

    Keeping the “thunderous’ after Market Cobra’s for the bikes, of course.

    Perhpas a flashing amber light embedded into each windshield just in front of the rear view mirror and one in the back window that acts as a brake light at this time.

    The very serious problem we all know that is before us, are the cell phones and the texting.

    I still keep my cell phone turned off while driving, and listen to Satellite radio
    for entertainment… talk radio on road trips is nice.

    For my money, the OnStar type programs also act as satellite phones. They are voice activated and require no hands at all. Sure a little pricey but will allow you to concentrate on the road, and you can’t beat the quality of voice clarity.

    We lost another teenager to a texting accident in the past week. Going 100 mph while texting.

    Where those little electric cars get tricky are while they are slithering about in the parking lots of large retailers, you just cannot hear anything as you back out then at times it’s to late.

    All police squads should be equipped with voice activated computers connected via satellite to “HQ” It would keep our guys and gals safe while on duty and the public as well.

    Im sure they are available but at what cost. Well, I don’t think cost should be an issue for our officers safety while on patrol. Rather than paying for attorney’s maybe those millions of dollars can be redirected to help our lawmen and women?

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