Andy Shaw Wanted Lame Duck Legislators to Make “Tough Votes”

There’s a remarkable sentence in BGA Executive Director Andy Shaw’s column in the Chicago Sun-Times:

Andy Shaw's January 13, 2013, column in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Andy Shaw’s January 13, 2013, column in the Chicago Sun-Times.

“And yet this week, in a ‘lame duck’ session that included 35 exiting lawmakers who theoretically could have cast one final ‘though’ vote without fear of voter backlash, pension reform went nowhere.”

Two years ago a lame duck session resulted in the Democrats imposing a 67% state income tax.

And too many of the lame duck Democrats got cushy jobs which increased the legislative pensions big time.

Bemoaning the lack of action of pensions is acceptable, but for someone running a newly-energized¬† organization called the “Better Government Association,”(emphasis added) more appropriate advocacy would seem to be suggesting that the lame duck legislators be replaced on December 1st, so legislators more likely to be responsible to their constituents would be the ones to make important decisions.¬† Perhaps a constitutional amendment to that effect, along with a prohibition of passing legislation after the November election would lead to “better government.”

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