Lay Methodists Say Bishop’s Statement Favoring Gay Marriage Does Not Represent Church Teaching

A press release from a lay group of the Methodist Church in Northern Illinois:

Bishop’s statement does not represent Church on Gay Marriage

In response to United Methodist Bishop Sally Dyck’s endorsement of gay marriage, the Northern Illinois Conference Evangelical Association (NICEA) Chairman, James Blue, issued the following statement:

Jim Blue

Jim Blue

“What Bishop Dyck has expressed is her personal opinion.

“It does not reflect the official position of the United Methodist Church in which the definition of marriage as ‘the union of one man and one woman’ was first articulated in 1972.

“A separate but related action in 2004 called upon the church to ‘support laws in civil society that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.’

Unfortunately, the general public will assume that Bishop Dyck speaks for our entire Church.

“She does not.

“Support for traditional marriage has received overwhelming majority support at all recent quadrennial General Conferences where all United Methodists are represented.

“Support of traditional marriage is the one issue, among all sexually-related issues, that garners the broadest support within the Church.

“We regret the disunity that Bishop Dyck’s statement will inevitably bring to local congregations and we encourage the Illinois General Assembly to find another way to ensure the civil rights of gay couples without redefining marriage which has for millennia, been the foundational unit of human society.”


Lay Methodists Say Bishop’s Statement Favoring Gay Marriage Does Not Represent Church Teaching — 8 Comments

  1. Marriage has been the foundational unit of human society for millennia?


    Polygamy was the standard for many of the marriages in the bible, as were marriages that included several “concubines.”

    Widows who had not borne sons were ordered to “marry” their brother-in-law.

    Rapists could atone for their crime by marrying their victims.

    Is this the sort of traditional marriage we are supposed to support?

  2. Time to find (or found) a more conservative denomination. Darned liberals!

  3. The denomination has not changed its opinion on gay marriage.

    Bishop Dyck is not espousing church views.

  4. out of curiousity, does she pronounce it “Dick” or “Dike?”

  5. It is pronounced “Dick.” I have corrected previous misspellings and apologize for them.

  6. The problem here stems from the title “BISHOP”.

    By being an ordained “BISHOP”, Sally Dyck is presumed to have the authority of the Church in matters of faith and morals and that authority was granted by the Church which ordained her.

    To suggest that this is her own opinion and absolutely doesn’t reflect the views of the church would be contradictory.

    She is Bishop, or she isn’t Bishop.

    If she’s wrong in articulating the Church’s position, she should be stripped of her title and position.

  7. She espouses my views, and I am a member of the Methodist church.

  8. But she does not express the views of the United Methodist Church as a church.

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