Would Jack Franks Run for County Board Chairman?

jack Franks

jack Franks

That might be the question being discussed by some prior to Friday morning’s vote on whether or not to put a question on the April ballot as to the direct election of the McHenry County Board Chairman.

I figured out I may have been wrong when I wrote the following about why Democrats were opposed to electing a County Board Chairman at-large yesterday:

All are Republicans [who signed the petition to call a special meeting to consider the referendum], which when one thinks about it, that probably just recognizes the lay of the political land, that is, Democrats are more likely to gain positions of power, e.g., Paul Yensen’s appointment as Chairman of the Management Services Committee, through politicking in the current system of selecting a Board Chairman than through a one-on-one fight with any Republican in a countywide contest. Both Yensen and first time Democratic Party Democratic Party Board member Nick Chirikos voted for Hill and neither showed any support for an at-large election at the Monday Management Services Committee meeting.

I wasn’t taking into consideration that Jack Franks might be interested in such a job.

I can’t think of any Democrat besides that Franks who might be able to put up a decent race.


Would Jack Franks Run for County Board Chairman? — 4 Comments

  1. Democrats I speak with refer to Jack Franks with disdain and the general comment is that “he is a joke”.

    With this in mind, his chance at a run for Statewide office would likely be in vain.

    Mr. Franks has almost one half million dollars in his campaign account.

    I could easily see him using this to run for County Board chair to eliminate that very long drive to Springfield.

    He would be able to readily outspend anyone else currently interested in such a position.

    We all know he has the organization in place as evidenced by his sign placement on properties which are not taking the homestead exemption.

    With the McHenry County GOP declining to run a candidate against him in the last election, the McHenry County GOP can take credit for the current situation.

    If you want Jack Franks for County chair, contact your Board members to vote yes for the referendum.

    A YES vote is a vote for Franks.

  2. Mr. Franks is a worthy political force, both in McHenry County and downstate.

    He is both experienced and well-connected, and I respect his opinions.

    As to his visions with regard to McHenry County politics and his relationship to our local Democratic party, I will leave that to keener minds than mine.

    I do regret his overly ambitious thrust for a County Executive government here, and stated as much during my campaign.

    I see the present question as a re-branding of that same effort.

    In the end, Mr. Franks’ efforts failed in excess of 2 to 1, while I was successful.

    This must count for something.

    Speculations about Mr. Franks ambitions for the Chairmanship of the McHenry County Board are curious in light of his denial of that very idea at last year’s debate with Mr. Tryon.

    Our Board structure seems sound, efficiently run and well organized.

    We have much important business to be concerned with, which far outweighs this contest.

    I urge voters and elected officials alike to remain focused on this work.

  3. Gotta pay for the suntan somehow, I suppose, though I doubt the chairman position includes a tanning bed.

  4. Some people are very interested in shiny objects and ideas, it is hard to get their attention and explain that there will be no way to curb the runaway taxes without some “one” to say no.

    It will never happen with the county board.

    You may argue that most of the taxes come from school districts and that would be true, but there is still a load of taxes going to the county for all their interesting projects.

    You republicans spend more time wondering how Jack Franks is going to eat your lunch and not a lot of time decreasing the size of government.

    That means that Jack will handily beat you at whatever you do … and government will continue to grow.

    Nice job …

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