Joe Walsh Again Signals Statewide Ambitions, This Time with Facebook Page

After the Republican Party’s State Convention this summer I wrote an article entitled,

Auditioning at the State GOP Convention to be Illinois’ Scott Walker

It was about how Joe Walsh energized the crowd by trashing the way Democrat House Speaker Mike Madigan has allowed State government to hit the skids while he has been in control. You can read the article here.
Among other things, Walsh said,

“No one person should run a state.

“He is a king.

“He is a dictator.

“He is corrupt.

“He symbolizes everything that is wrong in Illinois.

“Shame on us for not having the courage and the fortitude to say that.”

Others auditioned, too, including Party Chairman Pat Brady, who also had harsh words about Madigan.

You can hear Walsh’s entire speech on Warner Tood Houston’s Prairie State Report video below:

Now Capitol Fax Blog has posted a new Facebook account from Joe Walsh, which you see, along with Walsh’s first post below:

Joe Walsh's new Facebook page.

Joe Walsh’s new Facebook page.

“Speaking to people all over Illinois. They are engaged, excited and ready to take this state back from the Madigan Empire. #Freedom #Liberty”

Can you imagine Walsh taking on Mike Madigan on concentration of power, especially if Lisa Madigan is running for Governor?


Joe Walsh Again Signals Statewide Ambitions, This Time with Facebook Page — 6 Comments

  1. Ummmm…. Joe….. The “THEY” in your banner would be the voters, right?

  2. It’s amazing how many politicians seem so eager to wave the banner of “Minority rules!”

    Somehow, in Joe Walsh’s eyes an elected official is a King or Dictator- all because “Joe” disagrees with him.

    Of course he also seems to be building a run for governor around losing an election, so….

  3. I can imagine Joe Walsh winning the Primary for Governor, then getting blown out by ANY Democratic candidate in the actual election.

    But Cal Skinner thinks this is a fantastic idea, so I guess all us Republicans just have to accept our fate…

  4. Joe, Please, please, please, please, run. I have been kinda out of laughs for awhile and I am sure that would provide a boatload.

    P.S. Make sure and find someone to give you a lot of money to run too. Because there is no sense failing in some small way.

  5. Also, you may be the perfect Illinois candidate (historically speaking).

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