Marengo Police Chief Advises Removal of Temptation from Cars Left Outside

Marengo’s Citizen Alert Social Media leader Kristin Ottolino sends the following:

I received this (message below) from the Marengo Chief of Police today and told him I would forward this information to you. Again, please keep all valuables locked in the glove compartment of your car, or bring them in the house with you to avoid this from happening to you.

Stay safe, stay vigilant,

Kristin Ottolino

And from Marengo’s Police Chief comes the following:

Although this incident did not occur in your respective neighborhoods, please be aware of the following:

A vehicle window was smashed and a GPS unit was taken from the car sometime between Friday evening (25th) and Sunday morning (27th). The vehicle was parked in the City Lot near Route 23.

Please remember to remove any such items from your vehicles when parking them in order to remove the incentive from a would-be thief.

Joseph M. Hallman
Marengo Chief of Police

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