Algonquin Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm Sees “No Need for Taxes to Increase in the Future”

A press release from Algonquin Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm:

Dianne Klemm Running for Re-Election

Algonquin Township Supervisor, Dianne Klemm, is running for re-election. She is in her 3rd. term after replacing the previous supervisor who retired.

The Supervisor serves as Chairman and a voting member of the Township Board of Trustees and is the Supervisor of General Assistance.

Dianne Klemm

Dianne Klemm

“My many years serving local government makes this position suitable to my varied experience.

“The supervisor is also the treasurer of the township and I am careful that in these economic times the township funds earn the best possible return on investments.

“During my tenure as Supervisor I have implemented a computer program for the efficient administration of General Assistance. General Assistance rules are ever-changing and you must use your good judgment when administering help to the needy in Algonquin Township. The poor economy has increased the need for assistance.

“As of this fiscal year, starting April 1st, we have frozen the first two years of the elected officials salaries, including the Supervisors. We are also keeping our levy the same as last year.

“The Algonquin Township budget is balanced and the calendar is filled with citizens use of the building.

“I see no need for taxes to increase in the future.”

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Klemm is running against Township Clerk Marc Munaretto.
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Algonquin Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm Sees “No Need for Taxes to Increase in the Future” — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Dianne, I saw no need for taxes to go up in the 20 years I have been here, but look at the amazing rise it has been since you have taken office.

    Listen folks, this is just all going to be fodder for jokes in the future… the taxes are so crazy here somebody in California told me about them … when the subject of high property taxes came up WITHOUT HIM KNOWING WHERE I WAS FROM.

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