Grafton Township Supervisor Candidate Marty Waitzman Makes Robo-Call

Marty Waitzman

Marty Waitzman

And here it is:

“Hi, this is Marty Waitzman calling with information on the upcoming election.

“While you probably haven’t recovered from the last election yet, on February 26th you will choose the Republican candidates you want representing you in Grafton Township.

“My name is Marty Watizman, and I’m running because it’s time we were proud of our local government again.

“Unlike my opponents, I am new to political office and will bring a fresh perspective.

“I want to end the childish bickering that is costing taxpayers money, and instead use common sense to move our community forward.

“If I can count on your support, would you be willing to display a yard sign? If so, please press 5 and we will deliver one to your home.

“You can learn more about me by going to Again, to have a yard sign┬ádelivered┬áto your home, please press 5.

“Paid for by Citizens for Waitzman.”

Waitzman is running against incumbent Supervisor Linda Moore and Huntley Village Trustee Pam Fender.


Grafton Township Supervisor Candidate Marty Waitzman Makes Robo-Call — 9 Comments

  1. If actions speak louder than words . . .

    FEN has this story about Marty Waitzman today:

    “Grafton Supervisor candidate Marty Waitzman’s website says his two top concerns are curbing excessive litigation and getting timely audits at the Township.

    “However, according to court records, once upon a time Waitzman was involved in a five-year legal battle with a client and during it he allegedly refused to turn over an audit he’d done.”…upervisor.html

  2. Interesting – when someone else supplies a link to an FEN article that helps certain people it appears, yet when I tried to link in another story to expose Mr. Zielinskis short comings the posting was never published???

    Why is that I wonder?

  3. I don’t mean for this to sound malicious.

    But I believe people should blog under their real name.

    I heard Mr Waitzman speak once at the MC Young Republican meeting, but I am not in Grafton and wouldn’t say I’m informed enough to endorse him or not.

    However, I know that many misleading, damaging and often false things are blogged under anonymity.

    I want to suggest that we all, as passionate and honest citizens, put less (or even no) stock in comments blogged under the fog of anonymity.

  4. I typed in “Seriously???” into the internal comment search engine and can’t find any that are not posted.

    Want to try again?

  5. I agree with Ben!If you have an opinion that you are not proud of presenting as your own.

    It only shows your true character.

  6. @Melissa and Ben,

    It’s Cal’s blog, and it’s his call if posters are required to use their real name publicly. Cal generally knows who the regular posters are, and he’s good at recognizing trolls, especially around election time.

  7. Umm, no. As far as being anonymous I don’t think it matters. If you have a good idea, or thoughtful response then what is the point of having it identified. I am preetttttty sure Cal would moderate a post that was profane, or obviously just a troll.

    The problem with you guys who want names with posts … you think everyone is a troll.

    That being said, I am preetttty sure Cal knows who I am.

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