MCC Board Candidate Tom Wilbeck Holding Reception

For $35 you can meet and mingle with those who support Lakewood’s Tom Wilbeck for McHenry County College Board.

On his invitation, Wilbeck stresses,

“Tom is opposed to MCC issuing bonds for expansion without voter approval.”

The event will be held at the London Club, which is across the street from 1776, on March 14th.

Details are below:
Wilbeck reception invite


MCC Board Candidate Tom Wilbeck Holding Reception — 1 Comment

  1. Why would we want someone who is afraid to make a decision on our board. We do not need more pass the buck politicians.

    These board members are stand up people that TAKE our criticism.

    It is not easy to be criticized publicly like that, especially for a board member job that is not full time.

    I am surprised that this website with all it knows about public office would encourage people to take shots like that.

    We need people to make educated decisions and not to push the decisons back at the public.

    We public whether we are educated in life or in school are NOT educated in this school, what it needs and what its purpose is.

    Most people are afraid of anything that could possibly raise their taxes. So it is easy for people to say “if this fails it will raise your taxes”.

    Does any politician tell you that the only way to lower your taxes is for the area to develop more, thus increasing the revenue coming in and the tax base.

    No they do not.

    They like fear more and those that are afraid are NOT FIT to make these decisions.

    That is why people run for the board, to step up and take the heat, making the tough decisions.

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